Congratulations to FBI GamerGraffix for winning the Level 1 Playoff Bracket and earning their invite to the National Championships next month in Las Vegas! Using their combination of incredible slaying and determined focus, Slim, Mackeo, Tupac and Victory defeated all of their rivals on the way to the victory.

In the Winners Bracket Finals, FBI caught Vanity Gaming off-guard and outclassed them in a 3-0 win that sent the first seed Vanity to the losers side where they would face off against MoB Triggers Down for the right to play in the Championship match. Seemingly undergoing a transformation headed into that match, Vanity’s teamwork and focus was suddenly far above what it had been during the entire event. ElamiteWarrior lead his team both vocally and with clutch play to keep the MoB team from finding a rhythm. He demonstrated this in the final game when near the end of match, with the ball time nearly tied and the opposing players pressing in, Elamite single-handedly killed their entire team, allowing his teammates to maintain control and get the crucial seconds of ball time that secured their victory.

If Vanity underwent a transformation going into the Losers Bracket Finals, they suddenly regressed heading into the Championship game. After winning the first match, the overwhelming slaying from FBI was suddenly too much for Vanity. As can be expected from a team that has been together for the entire 2006 season, FBI’s team all shot together to keep Vanity from gaining control of the maps. In fact, during a crazy CTF Warlock game FBI was able to hold Vanity off to win just 1-0 when time expired despite being on the small and fast-paced map. Behind the great play of Victory in the last match, FBI came away with their biggest victory of the season since they defeated Carbon in Anaheim and earned their spot in today’s Level 2 Bracket.

MLG would like to congratulate all the talented players that competed this weekend in the Level 1 Championship and made the second day of the event great for the fans of Halo 2. Stick with us all weekend long for more updates and live video from and Video on Demand.