The Level 1 Championship FFA has come to a close, and while many expected the eventual winner, KillerN, to come away with that 8th spot in the Level 2 Playoff tournament, there were some great matches and surprising upsets along the way that MLG fans can look forward to on the VoD Rebroadcast.

The biggest surprise of Saturday’s event so far was probably also the biggest surprise from the day before. GI Factor managed not only to give Ogre 1 a good challenge like he suggested in his interview yesterday, but he actually defeated him twice over the course of the event. By using cover strategically, Factor was able to make sure that he was often the first to strike in their battles. Despite being down in shots, Ogre 1, perhaps a little overconfident against his inexperienced opponent, often stayed in battles too long or peeked out from cover too soon. The result was that the unexpectedly steady battle rifle of Factor was able to maintain the shot lead and grab crucial kills to maintain control of the map. He won the first round 15-13 despite a late charge from the Ogre, and then went on to win on host 15-8 in the 5th place consolation match.

KillerN pushed past some excellent competition to earn his way into the Level 2 Playoffs as the 8th seed. Waiting for him in the first round will be none other than Karma, the top ranked 1v1 player on the tour.

Meanwhile, KillerN and Hali marched toward each other with what seemed to be relative ease. KillerN won his first round against Eli 15-5 and then defeated Factor 15-4. Hali stunned Cpt. Anarchy by gaining almost total stage control in his 15-3 routing of the Str8 Rippin member and then nearly doubled WaldoX’s kills in a round two win 15-8. This set the stage for the two to meet in the Winners Finals. Hali was unable to keep up with KillerN’s great shooting in that match, despite some smart use of grenades and portals to keep things close. KillerN won 12-9 as time expired and then waited to see who would emerge from the losers side to face him in the Finals.

Hali fell behind early in his Losers Finals match against WaldoX, but was able to use his legendary patience and defensive style to get control of the stage and eventually defeat him. This set up the rematch against KillerN that would determine who would advance to face Karma in the first round of the Level 2 bracket later today.

Hali continued his impressive series of performances on the Pro Circuit by taking second in the Level 1 Playoff to KillerN.

Spawning close to one another, KillerN rushed in an attempt to use his superior shooting to grab an early lead. However, Hali was up to the task and grabbed not just the first kill, but also a second one in quick succession to put his opponent behind. A few moments later, KillerN caught Hali collecting grenades near a portal and stuck him to get his first kill of the match. Hali earned another kill by baiting the camo after he respawned, and with the score at 3-1 the real battle of wills began. KillerN was able to slowly climb back with well placed ‘nades and sneaky use of the portals, despite Hali’s baiting and camping tactics. Eventually KillerN was able to grab real control of the top of the center platform and go on a killing spree to set himself up with his first lead of the game. Hali was far less comfortable playing from behind, and it showed as he allowed KillerN to pull away to win 15-10.

With that win, KillerN guaranteed his spot at the National Championships in Las Vegas next month and a prize check from the Level 2 event later today. He’ll have to face reigning champion Karma in the first round, but many have suggested that he is one of only a handful of players capable of toppling the giant of the FFA event. Stay tuned to for more updates when the event gets going later on today.

As if he hadn’t already made a big enough splash by winning the Open FFA, GI Factor defeated Ogre 1 in two separate matches on his way to his fifth place finish in the Level 1 Playoff 1v1.