The first upsets of Top 10 teams have come to fruition in Halo 3. Fifth-seeded Legendz went down 2-0 to #69 Onlan Warriors. Onlan Warriors won 50-39 on Team Slayer Narrows and 229-203 on Construct King of the Hill. Ninth-seeded Crossfire suffered the same fate as Legendz, as they were clipped by the 56th seed, Zone 6. Crossfire managed to eke out Game 1, TS Narrows, 50-49. Zone 6 took the next two games, however, winning 250-194 on Construct King of the Hill and 50-37 on The Pit Team Slayer. Both underdogs advanced to Round 4, while the Top 10 seeds now need to battle through the Losers Bracket.