1. Final Boss – I think they want it a lot after losing so badly, but in very close games, to Carbon in Dallas. They need to focus a lot more on continued practice if they want to maintain the top after this tournament.

LegendJRG of Nice Like Rice predicts the Halo 2 Top 8 for MLG Chicago and he even did it without Tarot cards

2. Carbon – Really tough putting them here after that display in Dallas. I’m an FB fan at heart, so I gotta stay with my team. CbN seem to want it again after they lost it for two tournaments, but for some reason they don’t seem to do as well when they’re on top vs when they are the underdogs. I think just as the first three have proven that these two teams are still above everyone else by a bit, there will be a constant battle for first between the two for the rest of the season unless a team that’s on fire catches them cold, but it’s unlikely.

3. Str8 Rippin – Super solid team. They could beat Carbon in Winners Round 3 if they’re playing their best. I think the match up with The Agency would be one of the most amazing series to watch. I can see this team continuing to place highly and even giving Carbon and FB challenges or upsets later in the year as long as T2 doesn’t run into anymore bad luck or opportunities he can’t pass up and the team stays together for more then one event. ;)

4. The Agency – A great team; Naded adds so much to this team and the only reason I have them losing to Str8 is because I think Str8 will want this match up more. I see this team fighting with Str8 for the rest of the year if they can build on what they have and can continue to improve.

5. 5k – Great group of guys and they continue to show that you don’t need to have a strong slaying core to win at the top levels if you have the teamwork and mindset to take care of what needs to be done. I can see them either lighting on fire or cooling off though the rest of the season, I still don’t know how to predict this team well in game or out of it and I don’t think I ever will.

6. Icon/Xit – Two Disgusting teams. I can’t decide on the two but the defining match will be their WB Round 2 match because whoever wins it will be Top 8 and the other will not. Would be tough for Xit to miss out on top 8 again, since they have had arguably the toughest brackets all year long. As for Icon, this team is overlooked in my opinion and will turn heads with their slaying ability.

7. Nice Like Rice – Going to be our toughest tournament yet any way you put it. I will not accept nor be happy with a seventh-place finish and WB Round 3 vs The Agency will be the match to watch. As much as I want to see the Str8/Agency match up, I want our team to do better than seventh more than I would like to see the match.

8. Perfect Storm – Ramby/Xtremist take a lot of heat for being terrible without Legit/Naded. I don’t think it’s the case, but the match for top 8 with Time 2 Prove could go either way. I see PS taking it in five and hopefully sticking with this squad and building on it.