by LegendJRG

1. Final Boss – With the addition of StrongSide they are very dedicated, compared to late in the ‘06 season. If they can continue this dedication throughout the year I can’t see them losing the #1 spot at any event.

How will LegendJRG’s new Nice Like Rice squad fare in Dallas? He’ll tell you.

2. Carbon – They haven’t been as dedicated as FB to start the ‘07 season, but I can’t put them outside of the Top 2 just yet. I think they have the best chance to beat FB, but they really need to get their stuff together and practice as much as or more than FB to reclaim the #1 spot again.

3. The Agency – Strong team. I think after 2 disappointing losses to Perfect Storm at the Meadowlands, they are definitely hungry to get back into the Top 3. Look for this team to be one of the two contenders for Top 2 throughout the year.

4. Perfect Storm – This team is unbelievable. Legit is easily one of The top 3 players in the league and it is just fun to watch this team play. This is the only other team besides The Agency I can see pushing for Top 2 this year.

5. 5k – The twins are just so good and backed up by Hokum and Fear, it’s a really solid core. They just don’t have the ability to beat Carbon or FB. They proved they can beat at least The Agency by taking them to a five-game series at the Meadowlands for Top 4, so they can push for Top 3, but I think that’s as far as they can get.

6. Nice Like Rice – I have a few qualms with predicting my own team, but I think we will at least place as high as our seed. I have never been more confident with any other team and I can’t wait to see what we do.

7. Str8 Rippin – Amazing individual team, they just need to get some teamwork down and they can do some big things if they stick together. I see them losing to 5k for Top 6.

8. Xit Woundz – This team is very ready to get back into the prize pool after being Top 8 all of ‘06 and placing Top 12 at both of the ‘07 events. I see them losing to Str8 during Round 2, but bouncing back from the Losers Bracket to Beat Icon 3-2 for Top 8.


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