The League of Legends Pool Play Round was full of exciting matches. Check out a quick rundown of all of today's action.

CLG vs Crs – CLG wins 2-1

Crs made a huge splash with a late game comeback in game 1, but CLG returned the favor with convincing victories in Games 2 and 3, winning the overall match.


EG vs TSM – EG wins 2-1

EG started off this set with a huge victory over TSM with Dyrus on Singed and Dan Dinh on Udyr. TSM came back to win game 2 with Reginald’s Brand finishing 11-0-2. EG seemed like they were behind most of the 3rd game, they were down in kills the entire game. However, map control and securing 5 dragons and 2 Baron Nashor kills gave EG the third game and the match.


Crs vs TSM – TSM wins 2-0

Although Crs made a great showing against CLG, TSM bullied them around most of this match. In the first game, Reginald showed off his Gragas skills by dominating his lane and then the rest of the game. The second game was much closer, but TSM took advantage of Crs attempting baron and punished accordingly – by killing their Nexus. TSM took the match 2-0


CLG vs EG – CLG wins 2-0

EG started off  the match exploring around the map, looking to steal some creeps from CLG. This worked, but CLG quickly recovered map control. HotshotGG’s Orianna was free to constantly gank the lanes and secured CLG the first game. The second game also started off strong for EG with a really early dragon, but HotshotGG revealed that he also has a really strong Galio, forcing fights and playing Galio very similar to his Cho’Gath. CLG wins the match.


CLG vs TSM – CLG wins 2-1

Possibly the most anticipated matches, the top two teams in the world (based on IEM performances) faced off. The first game did not disappoint when CLG won a 60 minute game of back-and-forth play against TSM. The second game started off extremely well with Chaox getting a 19 minute Madred’s Bloodrazor on Kog’Maw. This advantage was protected by amazing Lee Sin play by TheOddOne and Soraka play by Xpecial, winning them Game 2. Regardless of how long they had been playing, CLG was not out. Chauster ripped through people picking up a huge lead on Ezreal and forcing TSM to surrender. CLG wins the match 2-1.


EG vs Crs – EG wins 2-1

Crs got his favorite Veigar and Pobelter got his Jax in game 1, and they showed why they love those champions by forcing early kills and early dragons. Pobelter ensured that they wouldn’t lose that advantage in Game 1, finishing 8-0-8 at the time that EG surrendered. EG knew that their hopes of coming back were on the line though, so they huddled up and refocused as a team, coming back to win two decisive games in a row over Crs, winning the match 2-1.


Overall Standings after Pool Play

1st. CLG  3-0

2nd. EG 2-1

3rd. TSM 1-2

4th. Crs 0-3


This means that CLG and EG will be back for the Finals on Sunday. They will be playing a modified best of 7, which means their previous match carries over. This means that CLG will start the best of seven 2-0. CLG needs to win two matches to secure victory, EG needs to win 4 games for them to take the victory. Either way it should be an intense Finals.