By Bryan Wood

Coming into the finals of the League Of Legends tournament, neither EPIK or TSM have had a major win at a lan event. From the winners final Epik was able to get the 2-1 victory giving themselves the lead going into the grand finales after TSM took down Dignitas 2-0. Would Epik be able to continue their dominance, or could TSM pull off the impossible and win 3 games before Epik is able to take 2?

Game 4

Epik Bans : Tristana, Kassadin, Nasus
TSM Bans : Akali, Graves, Soraka.

Epik Picks : Zilean (Salce), Taric (NhatN), Vayne (Westrice), Rammus (Dan Dinh), Singed (Dyrus) To a VERY loud cheer.
TSM Picks : Sona (Xpecial), Yorick (TheRainMan), Maokai (OddOne), Ezreal (Chaox), Ryze (Reginald)

Intersting start to the game as the AP players are top with the usual solo top characters in mid.
First blood happens at bottom with Rammus helping out, Vayne takes down Ezreal. A counter gank top with Maokai and Zilean dies to Ryze. Singed/Yorick change lanes at 7 minutes while 3 of each side meet up. Rammus ganks bot again at 9:45 flash onto Sona for a kill. Maokai is around, TSM goes 3-2 in the fight at bottom and get Dragon. Singed teleports down to bottom, runs through everything to kill Sona, able to tie the score 4-4 on kills, but TSM gets the first turret at top. Rammus goes to gank bottom at 15:20 and gets caught in a bad position. All of TSM is around at bottom and they kill 4 of Epik without a loss, also taking down both bottom turrets. Singed tries to go after Ryze in Mid, but once again all of TSM is there to lock him in place. Also catching Rammus as the wraith camp giving themselves a 10-4 lead and a second dragon. 22 Minutes TSM sets up to take down Baron Nashor, and a a major team fight follows. Singed teleports in from bottom as 3 die on TSM's side to the 2 of Epik but they lose yet another turret. Another major 5v5 team fight at Dragon a minute later and TSM proves their dominance in this game. Getting an Ace while only losing Maokai, picking up a Baron as well. Pushing out almost every tower in the game, Epik stood no chance. TSM played the game amazingly to tie the series at 2-2.

Game 5

Epik Bans : Tristana, Kassadin, Zilean
TSM Bans : Akali, Graves, Soraka

Epik Picks : Sona (NhatN), Rammus (Dan Dinh), Kennen (Salce), Jax (Dyrus), Riven (Westrice)
TSM Picks : Vayne (Chaox), Yorick (TheRainMan), Karthus (Reginald), Alistar (Xpecial), Maokai (TheOddOne)

Once again things were changed up at the start of the game as Vayne and Alistar made their way top to put themselves in a 2v1 position over Riven. Epik decided to cycle Sona up to top so that there was a support with Riven. As time went on, Riven went a bit too far forward and was pushed back and stunned dying to Karthus' ult for first blood. TSM did a good job of pushing bottom out allowing a Dragon at the 7:30 mark. Rammus goes for a gank on middle at the 10 minute mark, they get the kill on Karthus but a teleport in by Yorick gets himself a double kill and a 3-1 TSM lead. Riven gets one back in middle using her ult for the kill as top tower is dead on Epik's side. Kennen gets a kill on Maokai mid, but all the while Jax/Rammus go after Karthus/Alistar at bottom, TSM comes out on top and Karthus ends up with a kill count of 4. Epik tried to get a dragon to get themselves back in the game, but TSM forced them off and then brought the fight to them. Only Karthus drops on TSM side, for the 4 of Epik. Once again having teleport on the Yorick proves to be very valuable as TSM was able to have a 5v4 fight and kill off 3 of Epik. They lost bottom turret for it, but took down Baron Nashor and the top inner turret as well. TSM pulled further and further ahead as they picked up yet another dragon giving them over an 11k gold advantage. While having Baron buff, TSM wasted no time pushing down middle and the inhibitor while clearing the jungle on their way out. Epik tried to catch TSM off guard while bottom was being pushed, they took out Vayne in a flash but underestimated the power of Karthus and stood no chance against his magic. Once again TSM catches Epik at their blue, walks over their champions and a surrender is called by Epik. TSM brings the score into their favor 3-2.

Game 6

Epik Bans : Tristana, Zilean, Kassadin
TSM Bans : Akali, Graves, Soraka

Epik Picks : Karthus (Dyrus), Vladimir (Salce), Taric (NhatN), Heimerdinger (Dan Dinh), Riven (Westrice)
TSM Picks : Yorick (TheRainMan), Sona (Xpecial), Ezreal (Chaox), Maokai (TheOddOne), LeBlanc (Reginald)

For the second game in the row, TSM decided that they wanted to throw two top against the solo of Epik. A very early gank attempt in mid and LeBlanc had no issues getting away in time. TSM shows that they're the stronger team in the grand finals getting first blood again with Maokai ganking mid and LeBlanc getting the kill on Heimerdinger. LeBlanc is able to steal the blue of Epik, though moments after Epik is able to get a dragon without TSM knowing. Almost all of TSM makes their way towards bottom getting 3 kills against Epik while only having Sona drop on their side. The power of TSM's farm starts to show more and more as Epik is constantly behind in money, hp, kills and towers. A lot of pressure towards the middle as both teams have 4 constantly poking skills at each other. TSM finally able to get the mid tower down and push their lead 5k gold ahead. Epik is able to make sure that they're not completely out of the game as they kill Dragon once again. Both teams split a kill and Sona gets a kill on Riven who was trying to hide in the TSM jungle. Once again TSM shows the power of their team work as only Sona goes down while they take down another tower and 2 champions on Epik's side. For each mistake that Epik has made, they've lost at the least a tower. Epik attempted Baron but they were spotted right away, Maokai and Karthus both take the fall for their team. Massive battle at Epik's blue as both sides take down 3, but Ezreal and Yorick live for TSM and are able to take down 2 top turrets leaving the inhibitor exposed. TSM forces the fight at top around the inhibitor, Epik is able to get the first kill in the fight but Yorick picks up a triple kill. Backing away towards Baron, Epik is miles behind with over 12k gold differential. Pressing the fight on the nexus Turrets TSM takes down the first nexus turret and gets a few kills. Riven tries to delay them but there's no defense left for Epik on their nexus. As the final turret of the game goes down, a massive 5v5 fight at bottom and with an amazing push in by Maokai, Ezreal and Yorick they take down the Nexus giving TSM the 4-2 victory!

With an amazing set of games from TSM they were able to sweep Epik in the finals after being sent down to the Losers Bracket earlier in the tournament. Running almost the same composition every game, Epik wasn't able to find a way to counter it and found themselves coming in second once again at MLG. TSM walks away with $12,000 in first place, Epik $8,000 in second. As well, from losing the Loser Bracket finals, Dignitas takes third with $5,000 and RFLXGaming walks away with $2,000 in fourth place.