As MLG San Diego draws near, Lastman, a veteran player on the circuit, has provided us with his predictions for the event:

Lastman(second from the left) picks Final Boss to take first at San Diego

1. Final Boss – Going into the Meadowlands event, there was quite a bit of speculation about whether or not this team would be able to continue their dominance on the MLG circuit. Once again, they proved that they still have what it takes to win tournaments in convincing fashion, as demonstrated during their series against Team Classic in the Championship match. If these guys play with the same focus and intensity that they had at the Meadowlands competition, I really don’t see them losing.

2. Triggers Down – Triggers Down made an interesting roster change after MLG Meadowlands, releasing Lowkin and picking up Instinct’s Victory X in his place. Victory has been a top player on the circuit since the ’06 season, and I think that his addition to the roster can only help them improve upon their 4th place finish from Meadowlands.

3. Instinct – Instinct made the decision to acquire Snipedown to fill the void left by Victory’s departure. Snip3down is an amazing slayer, but I’m not sure if he’ll be able to get them over the hump and help slide them into a Top 2 finish.

4. Classic – Putting them this low after their 2nd place finish at the Meadowlands may seem a bit odd, but I can see Triggers Down upsetting them in their LB Semi-Final match-up.

5. Str8 Rippin – Str8 Rippin had a somewhat disappointing fifth place finish at Meadowlands. I think that served as a bit of a reality check for them. They seem to be a lot more prepared for San Diego, as they’ve been LAN’ing for the past few days, but I’m not so sure that they will be able to overcome Classic in their match for Top 4, so fifth seems to be a safe pick for them.

6. Carbon – Quite a few people doubted Carbon before Meadowlands (myself included). Needless to say though, they proved nearly everyone wrong, sliding into a Top 6 finish. They seem to be much more prepared for the San Diego event. Keeping that in mind, their match-up against Triggers Down for Top 4 should be rather interesting.

7. Believe The Hype – Though under practiced as a team, Believe The Hype is a team that is composed of four ridiculously skilled individuals. If they are all on top of their game at the event, there is no reason why they should place outside of the top 8.

8. Chilled Reality – Chilled Reality had a chance to LAN against Triggers Down during the time between events. I think that extra bit of experience against a top team will definitely be beneficial to them.

Surprise Team: Inferno – Inferno is a team stacked with skill. Their lineup underwent a drastic overhaul after Meadowlands, but I think that was one of the necessary changes that some teams have to make to improve in the long run. They’re getting the opportunity to LAN against Instinct for the entire week before the event, and that should be greatly beneficial to them. If there were one team I’d have to pick to cause upsets at the event, it would definitely be Inferno.

In just a few short days, we’ll find out how accurate these predictions turn out to be. Don’t miss out on all of the awesome coverage this weekend, live from San Diego, in the second event of the 2008 MLG Pro Circuit.