MLG previously announced that STBomber and IMMvp had been invited to Raleigh, and that STBomber had gladly accepted. We regret that Mvp will not be able to return to defend his title in Raleigh, and we hope to see him at future events. We can now tell you who will be joining Bomber in Raleigh. Hold onto your hats. Here is the full, confirmed list of Korean pro players:

  • STBomber
  • ZeNexCoca
  • STTrickster (Tester)
  • oGsNada

Two Terrans, one Protoss, and one Zerg. And—it bears repeating—Nada.

In addition to the four players invited as part of the League Exchange Program, we are incredibly happy to announce that MVPDongRaeGu and FnaticRain have decided to return on their own, and they each have enough Rank Points to make it into the Pools

MLG Raleigh is just 15 days away. If you want a chance to compete alongside the best in the world, get a competitor pass now before they're all gone. And if you want to stand just feet away from the pros as all of this goes down, get yourself a spectator pass. Join us in Raleigh as the next chapter in Pro Circuit SC2 history unfolds!