Today it was confirmed by MLG’s commissioner, John Nelson, that Karma has filed for Free Agency from Carbon. He has now officially joined up with the 2008 Orlando Champions, Triggers Down. Karma has filled the empty spot left by Mackeo, who departed the team early last week. After taking first place in Orlando, Triggers Down struggled with a new roster at last month’s Toronto event, taking 6th place, their lowest finish of the season.

Karma has been on the Carbon roster for every event over the past two years. This included the team’s 2006 National Championship Title and 2nd place finish in the 2007 National Championship. The team managed to stay the same throughout the past two seasons, up until their decision to release Gandhi earlier this year. With Karma and Gandhi both absent, only Shockwave and Ghostayame remain as original members of the team.

With Karma now gone, Carbon has welcomed its newest member to the squad, Naded. The former Legendz player is now assured a spot in the National Championship, something his former team did not have. This is very important, as the National Championship will present players with an opportunity to take home some mammoth cash prizes. Karma and Triggers Down will look to get in as much practice as possible before Dallas, with the 2008 National Championships shortly thereafter.

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