The Level 2 1v1 Playoffs have come to a close, following a grueling series of matches between the eight best 1v1 players of the MLG 2006 Regular Season. When the dust cleared, Karma stood firmly atop the heap as the undisputed Playoff champion. Continuing his season-long unbeaten streak, Karma took on heavy opposition in his very first match against KillerN. Although the 8th seed, KillerN has certainly given Karma a tough run in previous heads-up play, and many were keeping their eyes peeled for a possible upset. Not to be deterred, Karma fought off the twitchy-but-deadly KillerN to advance to his next challenger: Naded.

Fresh off of his round 1 win against Ogre 2, Naded was shocked to run into a brick wall against Karma, losing the match by a full 10 kills. Karma stepped on to the Winners Finals, where he met up with StrongSide—who many consider to be Karma’s greatest challenger. Proving that he is simply leagues ahead of the competition in the 1v1 event, Karma sent StrongSide reeling into the Losers Bracket after a decisive 15-12 win. StrongSide fought back past Legit to earn a chance at a rematch, but fell once again to the reigning champion in another intense match. With his win, Karma netted a sweet $5,000 paycheck and a comfortable position entering into the National Championships in Vegas next month. Congratulations to all of the Level 2 competitors, who each earned a sizable prize check and a spot in the National Championships to fight for the biggest title in pro gaming. Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of the 1v1 event in the coming days.

Halo 2 Level 2 1v1 Winners:
1st – $5,000 :: Karma
2nd – $3,000 :: Strongside
3rd – $2,000 :: Legit
4th – $1,250 :: Ogre 2
5th – $750 :: Naded
6th – $500 :: Walshy
7th – $375 :: Fonzi
8th – $300 :: KillerN

For complete results of the Level 2 1v1 tournament, check out the official bracket!

Karma kept up his insane winning streak at the Playoffs by taking top honors in the Level 2 Playoffs. So seriously, who’s gonna step up and beat this guy?

StrongSide did what he could to suppress the domination of Karma in the 1v1 world, but over the course of their two meetings he was overwhelmed. Still, second place and a cool $3,000 is nothing to sneeze at. He’ll have another shot at the title at the National Championships in November.