With well over 200 players in the brackets, the amount of matches going on simultaneously in Dallas was epic. Even if you were there, there was no way to see it all. Throughout the weekend, the games being played at the Featured Stations and on the floor were frequently just as intense, and as high-level, as the games going on on the Main Stage. 

In order to show you as much great competition as possible, and give these games the attention they deserve, we sent replays of previously unstreamed games out to a variety of casters, who have provided them with commentary. JP McDaniel was kind enough to cast this first set for us; others will be coming shortly. Here, now, is our first batch of previously un-cast action from Dallas. You can watch it all right here in the playlist below, or head over and watch it on MLG.tv. Get ready for some amazing StarCraft 2!



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