Team: El Chocolate Diablo

Favorite Teammates: Ken

Primary Rivals: None

Key Moment(s): Defeating the small amount of Japanese Super Smash Brothers 64 players that I was able to play. I’ll go back one day and defeat the rest.

Likes: The Bible, Basketball, Super Smash Brothers 64

Dislikes: Malicious People, Getting Sick, Arrogant Scrubs

Quote: “Don’t get hit”

Origin of Handle: My middle name. Better than my first.


  • A brilliant and versatile player, Isai is easily one of the best Smashers in the world. Places in the Top 3 in Singles at virtually every event he attends, usually taking second only to his Doubles partner and friend, Ken.
  • Won first place at the MLG 2004 National Championships for Doubles.
  • In 2005, earned the Western Conference Championship Title, taking first place in Los Angeles in both Singles and Doubles. Defeated Ken to seal the Singles victory.
  • Teaming with his partner Ken, the two are the most dominate Smash Doubles team ever to play the game. Not only have they never placed below first in a Doubles tournament together, but they have never even lost a single set. Their domination is absolutely without parallel.
  • Does not have a particular character preference, but usually turns to Capt. Falcon and Sheik for serious competitive play.
  • Relatively low key individual, doesn’t like to boast about his accomplishments, even though he is considered a Smash legend.