Want more StarCraft 2 competition, featuring the best players from every corner of the globe? Of course you do. So do we. And now, we can all get what we want. Introducing the MLG Global StarCraft 2 Invitational. Over the next two months, 24 of the world's best players will compete in three regional brackets, featuring North America, Korea, and Europe. Each week, they will be going toe-to-toe online for prize money, bragging rights, and a shot at the Finals, which will be held live at the 2011 MLG National Championship in Providence, RI on Friday, November 18th. The Global Invitational and its Finals are entirely separate from the 2011 National Championship Event.

We are also incredibly happy to announce that MLG will be inviting the Blizzcon 2011 Champion to compete in the National Championship at MLG Providence, and we will be covering all of their expenses. The winner of Blizzcon will also earn a spot in the MLG Global Invitational Finals, alongside the three online regional Champions (see below).

The Format

Each bracket will consist of eight players from that region, who will compete in best-of-three matches in a double elimination tournament. In the end, the winner of each region will take home $2,000 in cash, and will also earn an all-expenses paid trip to MLG Providence, where they will take on the winners of the other two regions, and the Blizzcon Champion. These four players will play best-of-three matches in a single-elimination Finals for the Championship. The winner of the Global Invitational Finals will take home an additional $3,000, bringing the total winnings for 1st  Place to $5,000.

The Players

MLG has reached out to some of the best players in the world from each of the three represented regions. Here are the full rosters:


  • Naniwa
  • Sjow
  • Ret
  • Haypro
  • Thorzain
  • White-Ra
  • Jinro
  • SaSe

North America:

  • Idra
  • KiwiKaki
  • Slush
  • Sheth
  • Tyler
  • Major
  • Destiny
  • iNcontroL


  • MMA
  • MVP
  • Losira
  • Boxer
  • Puma
  • Hero
  • Bomber
  • CoCa

Watch all the Action

MLG will be streaming every match on MLG.TV.  Each match will feature commentary by Artosis and JP McDaniel. Because of the timezone differences associated with a regional tournament of this sort, some matches will be cast from replays (we will let you know when this is the case), but we will attempt to cast matches live whenever we can. Check out the full schedule below.

Schedule (All broadcasts begin at 7pm ET)

9/13/11 North America – Winners Round 1
9/15/11 Europe – Winners Round 1
9/20/11 Korea – Winners Round 1
9/22/11 North America – Winners Round 2 / Losers Round 1
9/27/11 Europe – Winners Round 2 / Losers Round 1
9/29/11 Korea – Winners Round 2 / Losers Round 1
10/4/11 North America – Losers Round 2
             Europe – Losers Round 2
10/6/11 Korea – Losers Round 2
10/10/11 North America – Winners Finals / Losers Round 3
               Europe -Winners Finals / Losers Round 3
10/18/11 Korea – Winners Finals / Losers Round 3
10/20/11 North America – Losers Finals / Finals
               Europe – Losers Finals / Finals
10/25/11 Korea – Losers Finals / Finals

Full Prize Breakdown


  • 1st in Region = $2,000 per player = $6,000 Total (plus all-expenses paid Providence trip)
  • 2nd in Region = $1,000 per player = $3,000 Total
  • 3rd in Region = $500 per player = $1,500 Total
  • 4th in Region = $250 per player = $750 Total
  • Blizzcon Winner = All-expenses paid Providence trip


  • 1st place Global = $3,000
  • 2nd place Global = $1,000


North America



Map Pool

Terminus SE
Tal’Darim Altar LE
Dual Sight
MLG Metalopolis
Antiga Shipyard
MLG Shattered Temple

First Map in each Round

WBR1: Tal’darim Altar
WBR2: Shattered Temple

WB Finals: Daybreak
LBR1: Shattered Temple
LBR2: Dual Sight
LBR3: Antiga Shipyard
LB Finals: Metalopolis
Finals: Terminus Re

Join us on MLG.tv beginning on Tuesday, September 13 at 7pm ET to watch as the next chapter of MLG StarCraft 2 unfolds!