The 2008 National Championships are only a few days away. Check out the predictions from pro player Intheclutch below, as well as pro player Wooooly on page two. Be sure to tune into the live broadcasts all weekend long!

Intheclutch’s Predictions

1. Str8 Rippin- Although they lost to Triggers Down at Dallas, I think Str8 Rippin is the most solid team going in to this event. They have the lineup they want and everyone on that team is considered the best. This event is Str8 Rippin’s, and for another team to win they will have to take it from them.

2. Final Boss- They have finally decided to play as much as everyone else and they will go into this event knowing they have what it takes to beat anyone. After playing matchmaking with them, I believe they have individually grown a lot since Dallas and they are going to be one of the toughest teams to beat.

3. Triggers Down- I think Triggers Down is treating their win after Dallas a lot like they did after Orlando. They have not practiced besides their LAN with Instinct. Triggers Down is a streaky team in my opinion. If they are on fire, I don’t see many teams beating them, but they will need to play some of their best Halo to win.

4. Ambush- I do not believe they will beat FB in round one, but I may be wrong. Looking at their bracket if they do lose to FB, they would play Carbon for Top 6, and Instinct for Top 4; I see them winning against both of those teams. With the players that have the ability to take out an entire team by themselves, they are a Top 4 team.

5.Instinct- It all depends on Soviet. He’s either destroying everything he sees, or jumping off the map to try and finish a kill. Roy is sick, and from what I have heard, Lunchbox is amazing now. Walshy is extremely smart and knows how to pump his team up, but I believe if they are to place better than 5th, it will be because Soviet is playing well.

6. Carbon- They have been playing a lot lately, and I think they are all getting better, but I don’t see them upsetting anyone big.

7. Legendz- Also a team that is putting in the dedication and time. I know they did pretty good in their LAN and see them beating at least one team at Vegas. Legend is very smart and has gotten this team “on the same page”. If Defy and Best Man, two great individual players, are playing well, I see them beating a team or two.

8. Classic- I don’t even know where they are anymore. Mackeo and Victory are at college; I don’t see them signing on very often. I see Ant and Soldier in matchmaking parties, and I know they had a LAN which will probably help. Classic has the ability to get Top 4 if they are playing well, but they are a very streaky team and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. I do not believe Classic will place 8th but I had to put someone there.

WooooLy’s Predictions

1. Str8 Rippin - After a tough loss in Dallas, I can see Str8 rebounding and taking Vegas. Everyone could tell that they were extremely disappointed and I can see them using their loss to fuel their Vegas performance. They have been the team to beat all season, and I don’t see them under performing at the most important event of the season. They are all sick players, and in my opinion, some of the more dedicated and focused players.

2. Triggers Down- I am putting the first place team of Dallas and Orlando here because of the fact that over confidence seems to be an issue that goes along with this team. Putting that aside, Karma obviously fits in really well with them and if they are on fire they could definitely take the first spot. Anyone on this team has the ability to pull of an amazingly clutch play and that could add to their chances of taking first.

3. Final Boss- From what I have seen, Final Boss hopes to be the most prepared team going into Vegas with their LAN’s against Instinct and Legendz. They are definitely a contender for the first place spot, but it will be tough. The player to look out for on this team to switch the momentum of a game with a sick play would be Neighbor. It all comes down to who is playing well when the time comes. These three teams could be switched around, but I don’t see Str8 placing lower than 2nd.

4. Instinct- If Instinct plays the aggressive style that they feel comfortable playing, then they will do really well. Roy and Luchbox are a really sick duo, Soviet can be hard to shut down when he is running and gunning, and Walshy knows how to keep his team motivated and take control of the game. They have placed near the top at previous events and have proven that they can upset the Top 3 teams from Dallas. Everything just depends on what style of halo they are playing.

5. Ambush- This team has a lot of talent and potential. They are all play makers and are really clutch. They will do even bigger things next year. If they are playing really well, then they definitely have the potential to break into the Top 4 and beyond again.

6. Classic- This team has players that are really dedicated to winning, as well as individual skill to back it up. However I see this team as one that can let their emotions get the best of them. If they put that aside, then there could be a repeat of Toronto. I think that places 4 and 5 could be switched around depending on who brings their “A” game; However, I still see the 6th spot staying the same.

7. Carbon- Following the weeks from Dallas, this team has been practicing really hard in efforts to improve upon their disappointing placings. For some reason, everyone over looks this team, and I could see them using that to pull off some upsets. Members of this team have played in the final matches at previous year’s National Championships and that could potentially give them an advantage when they play teams that have not played with such high stakes.

8. Legendz- Legendz is another team that I can see pulling off an upset if they are on fire like they were in the Open Finals at Dallas. A key match for them would be Losers Bracket Round 1 against Classic if they lose to Str8 in Winners Bracket Round 1.