By Alco

Player Name: P Tizype
Real Name: Matthew “Zeke” Martinez
Age: 19
Home State: CA
Current Team: (15) Severance
First Event Attended: Dallas '08
Number of Events Attended: 11
Best Placing: 13th, Dallas 2011
Favorite Gametype: Sanctuary CTF
Controller Settings: 5 Sensitivity, Boxer (Claw)
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Gears Of War, Battlefield, Halo Wars, DJ Hero
Hobbies: Boxing, Working Out, Video Editing, Photoshop

The BIC® Flex4® Live FFA Competition is on a quest to discover the best FFA talent at each Pro Circuit Competition of the 2011 Season. The top FFA player from each Event — the BIC® Flex4® Elite — will be flown to the 2011 MLG National Championships, where they’ll all compete on the Main Stage for the FFA crown and $4,000 in cash. P Tizype, from Severance, became the Season’s first winner in Dallas.

MLG: How did you get your start in competitive Halo?

P Tizype: Well, it all started with my brother. One day when I was about 12 or 13, he brought over an Xbox and it had one game—Halo 1. We played it and he beat me by a lot, so that drove me to play it much more so that next time we played I'd win. I just kept playing, and I used to play [with] my neighborhood friends all the time.

Then Halo 2 came out and it had [Xbox Live]. It was so much fun. One day my friend who I'd always 1v1 told me about MLG. He explained it and I thought it was really cool, so I got into [the MLG] scene through him. I never went to a Halo 2 Event even though I was encouraged to by everyone, [because] I was insanely good at FFA, but I just never had the money.

I remember I used to play with Tizoxic before he ever did anything major, and I know we used to go back and forth in FFA all the time. [Eventually] he went to an Event and destroyed, but then the Halo 2 saga was over and I hadn't attended an Event, so I told myself I was 100% going to one in Halo 3. [Eventually] I did in Dallas '08—I think our team name was Causticity. We didn't do too well…but since that Event I've been addicted.

MLG: On Saturday night in Dallas, you won the BIC® Flex4® FFA and secured a Top 16 4v4 finish. How were you feeling when you left the venue that evening?

P Tizype: After I had done both I felt so amazing, knowing I accomplished so much—knowing I had also done well in the team-oriented games. To be honest, in team games I knew I was good, but I had an amazing teammate that I hope to team with in the future. [That teammate] is Frosty, and he might not show it but I thought he was the single best player on my old team. He was so smart and showed me a lot of stuff that I could improve on. I still use those tips he gave me and I owe him a big debt of gratitude for even giving me a shot at being on his team.

MLG: Regarding your Dallas teammates on Active Rush; what did you do differently for Reach that put you in a position to get noticed byand team alongsideHalo 3 Pro Players?

P Tizype: Well Frosty, SneakEBeaver and I are neighbors, and I always played with Frosty. One day I asked if we could run games and he said that he had to persuade his teammates because they were picky. He talked to them, we ran games, and it just felt amazing.

When [Reach] came out I wanted to be a pro in this game, actually start making some money, and not have any excuses and just compete in everything I possibly could.

MLG: What was your attitude going into the Final of the BIC® Flex4® FFA? How did you feel about your chances at winning?

P Tizype: I felt a little bit shaky because in the Semifinals I came in 4th. I told myself that if I make it to the Final, I will win. When I did make it to the Main Stage—which felt amazing, if I do say so myself—I was just thinking about what my teammate Frosty had said earlier that day: “If we focus a hundred million percent, then no one can beat us. I don't care if you get mad and complain, just make sure before you spawn that you are focused and know what you need to do." That's why my face never changed [during the Final]—I was just so focused.

MLG: How do you feel about your new team, Severance? What are hoping to accomplish with them in Columbus?

P Tizype: With my new team I'm hoping to win. I mean, for me that's always been the goal, even before turning pro. 13th is a good stepping stone, but no one goes into a tournament saying they hope to get Top 16 or Top 8. I hope we can win this Event, [but] I guess only time will tell.

MLG: Realistically, where would you like to see your status a year from now?

P Tizype: Hopefully I will be among the top players—maybe around the Top 4 [with] an even better chance at winning a tournament.

MLG: Zeke, thanks for taking the time to talk, and good luck in the rest of 2011.

P Tizype: Thanks for having me, it was a pleasure. Shoutout to The Main Slayer, Frosty, and my new teammates Keke, Gabriel, and Monix. Follow me on Twitter!

For your chance to earn one of the remaining coveted spots as a BIC® Flex4®Elite member and compete against P Tizype at the 2011 MLG National Championships, check out the details for the next BIC® Flex4® Live FFA in Columbus, OH. Can’t make it to Columbus? You can also start your quest in the free BIC® Flex4® Online FFA.


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