Winners Bracket Round 4 featured many big-name teams running into their first true tests and no series was closer than the one between second-seeded Instinct and 31st-seeded Ultimate. Instinct are one of the favorites at the Meadowlands, but they found themselves one game from the Losers Bracket against Ultimate.

On Game 1, Guardian Team Slayer, Ultimate played extremely well and clipped the second seed 50-48. Needing just one win in two games, the underdogs played another excellent game on The Pit King of the Hill. Unfortunately for Ultimate, Instinct stepped up under pressure and emerged 156-145, in one of the lowest-scoring KOTH games of the tourney.

The deciding game went down on Construct. The first team to 50 kills would advance to the Championship Bracket. Game 3 was as close as the first two; neither team could separate by more than a few kills. Down two late in the game, Ultimate rallied to nod the score at 48. They could not push any farther, however, as Instinct again rose under pressure, snagging two kills to win 50-48. That victory gave the second seed the win in a well played, tight series.