Second-seeded Instinct, formerly The Agency, faced their toughest opponent in the Winners Bracket Quarterfinal of the Halo 3 Championship Bracket at the Meadowlands. Led by high-profile Naded, Fatal Images came into the series on a hot streak and looked to continue in Game 1, Narrows CTF.

The lower seed took it to Instinct, winning the game 3-1 and putting the pressure on Instinct. The favorites responded well, winning Onslaught Team Slayer 50-40. Instinct then took the series lead when they won The Pit King of the Hill by a mere three seconds, outlasting FI 214-211. Up 2-1, Instinct would not let the series go. They were victorious on Guardian Oddball, winning 182-80.

The win put Instinct into the Winners Bracket Semifinals.