(3) Final Boss vs. (4) Instinct
Losers Bracket Round 3
Match Narr CTF Amp TS Pit KOTH Guar Ball Cons TS FINAL
(3) Final Boss 1 50 182 173   1
(4) Instinct 2 49 250 244   3

Final Boss and Instinct met in the Losers Bracket Semifinals for the chance to keep themselves in the hunt for the 2008 National Championships. Both teams came out firing in the Game 1, Capture the Flag Narrows, but Instinct drew the first capture. They held Final Boss scoreless for nearly the entire game, but Final Boss managed to tie the game near the end of time. The game went to overtime and both teams had quality chances to score, but in the end Instinct were able to push just enough for a score. Both teams played well, as Lunchbox led Instinct with a 31-26 game, while Final Boss were led by Ogre 2, who logged 30 kills to just 24 deaths.

The action moved to Amplified for Team Slayer during Game 2. The battle was frenzied, as each team garnered several-kill leads at different points. Instinct led by three kills in the late 40s, but Ogre 1 made some huge kills and Final Boss evened the score at 49. Then the third seed tightened up, constantly assisting each other, and Final Boss snagged a harried final kill, winning 50-49. Suddenly the series was tied 1-1.

King of the Hill on The Pit was the first moment of real separation for either team. Instinct zipped out of the gate and took it to Final Boss. Final Boss stabilized, in terms of slaying, several times, but looked lethargic when it came to controlling the hill. The team lacked cohesion, which ultimately cost them, since Soviet was beastly. He went 28-16 with most hill time, easily his best performance of the tourney. Coming into the match, Roy had really paced Instinct, but if Soviet could he up, Final Boss might be in trouble. In Game 3, he got going and it turned into a relatively easy win for Instinct, 250-182.

Final Boss needed a win at Guardian Oddball to stay alive. Unfortunately, Instinct jumped out quickly and gained a 40-second lead. Final Boss clawed back from big deficits twice, but Soviet was huge again, going 31-22, leading Instinct to the win, 244-173. That win gave them the series and keeps them in the chase for the title.