(4) Instinct vs. (7) Carbon
Losers Bracket Finals
Match Ons CTF Cons TS Pit KOTH Narr CTF Guar TS FINAL
(4) Instinct 5 38 234 3   3
(7) Carbon 4 50 211 1   1

Coming into the Losers Bracket Finals, Carbon and Instinct looked about as even as two teams could possibly be. Both teams pushed Str8 Rippin to five games and both vanquished Final Boss 3-1. That closeness only continued in Game 1 of their series, Capture the Flag Onslaught. Instinct jumped to a 2-0 lead, but Carbon tallied the next three scores. Instinct then took another lead at 4-3 before Carbon tied the game. Roy’s 29-20 game ultimately led Instinct to a 5-4 last-minute victory, which gave them a 1-0 series lead.

Team Slayer Construct offered Carbon a chance to even the series and they took full advantage. All members of Carbon went positive and they led the whole way. The final score was 50-38. Tied 1-1, the teams moved to King of the Hill The Pit for Game 3. This game mirrored the first, as both teams experienced leads. Roy was huge for Instinct, going 28-21, while Naded led Carbon with a 20-15 effort. In the end, Instinct’s cohesion was slightly better and they nabbed the 234-211 win. Up 2-1, they needed just one win to force a rematch in the finals against Str8 Rippin.

Narrows CTF proved to be the last game of the series. Both teams scored early, but Instinct dominated the late game, where once again all four members were positive overall. They cruised to a 3-1 victory, which gave them a series win of the same score. Carbon finished a strong showing at the National Championships in third place. Onward and upward for Instinct, where they will face a 3-2 carryover deficit to Str8 Rippin in the finals.