In another highly anticipated match up, Final Boss found themselves paired against the new look Instinct. The battle marked the first time Walshy has faced the Ogre twins since the 2004 Season. It was only a few weeks prior that Final Boss made the historic decision to release Walshy from the squad. Now, the two squared off on Main Stage in front of a flurry of fans. The winner of this match would guarantee themselves a spot in the Championship Finals against Str8 Rippin, while the loser would be left wondering where they went wrong.

As the battle began, the excitement on Main Stage was palpable. While Final Boss was looking for validation, Instinct was looking for something else; retribution. It was evident that Instinct knew how much this match meant to Walshy, and would not allow themselves to let him down. With each Instinct win, the crowd seemed to grow more and more excited. In the end, Walshy would attain the retribution he so desired, knocking out the very same team that had decided to let him go in four games.

“It was like taking candy from a baby,” Walshy told Puckett after the match. Then added, “Except the baby would’ve put up more of a fight.”

Walshy celebrates with the rest of Instinct after their victory.

The fans shared in Walshy and the rest of Instinct’s success, often chanting his name throughout the match.

Instinct will now do battle with Str8 Rippin in hopes of becoming the fourth different team to win an event this season.