In a high-class match on the main stage, second-seeded Instinct (Roy, Lunchbox, Victory X, and Mackeo) clipped Final Boss 3-2 to move to the Winners Bracket Finals where they will meet Classic.

Final Boss started quickly jumped to a quick lead thanks to a strong effort on Onslaught Capture the Flag, which they won 5-2. Ogre 1 was 34-19, while Ogre 2 chipped in with a 35-25 game. The Pit Team Slayer offered Instinct the shot to even the series and they capitalized. Mackeo had a great outing, scoring 15 kills while hitting the death screen a mere eight times. The series was tied at one through two games.

Instinct takes on Final Boss on the main stage

Instinct’s inertia from Game 2 carried into Game 3, Construct King of the Hill. The second seed built a 60-second lead and never allowed Final Boss to seriously threaten. They took the game 240-183, thanks in part to Victory’s 31-21 performance. Final Boss needed Game 4 to extend the series. The Pit Capture the Flag was one of the finest games of the weekend, as Final Boss snagged a quick capture that was equaled quickly by Instinct. The 1-1 score held for the majority of the game, before Final Boss pushed a second capture across the line. With under two minutes to go, Instinct furiously made attempt after attempt. Final Boss thwarted several attempts that crossed a large portion of the map, but eventually Instinct’s pressure paid off, sending the game to sudden-death overtime. The teams played tentatively for a while, but Final Boss used rockets and overshield to become aggressive and managed a capture, despite valiant attempts by Instinct deep in Final Boss territory. The 3-2 win tied the series 2-2.

Game 5 was Guardian Team Slayer. The teams literally went kill for kill until the game reached the 40s, whereupon Final Boss made some dicey strategical decisions, opening themselves up to a lot of crossfire when they attacked the top center. Instinct made an impressive push to win the game 50-41. With it, they took the series and moved to the Winners Bracket Finals where they will meet Classic.