Serving as one of the most highly anticipated matches of the weekend, reigning champions Triggers Down took on Instinct in the Winners Bracket Semi Finals. This match was particularly significant for two reasons: The winner of the match would guarantee themselves a Top 3 finish, and it was also the first time Instinct would get a shot at their former team captain, Mackeo.

As it turned out, Triggers Down’s in-your-face style of play was no match for the highly orchestrated onslaught of the newly reconstructed Instinct roster. Roy, Lunchbox, Walshy and Soviet went on to win the match by the count of 3-0, and will now move on to face the winner of Final Boss vs. Str8 Rippin in the Winners Bracket Finals. Whatever happens, keep your browsers locked to mlgpro as the competition here at MLG Toronto continues to heat up!

Game Stats:

Narrows CTF:
3-2 Instinct

Guardian TS:
50-39 Instinct

The Pit King:
182-176 Instinct