In what was the majority of the MLG community’s first look at Walshy and his brand new set of twins, Instinct and Carbon went toe to toe on the second and final match of ESPN Saturday Night. Despite a fairly uneventful start, Roy, Lunchbox, Soviet and Walshy certainly put on an impressive show for the countless viewers who were anxiously waiting to see them in action. Instinct eventually went on to 3-0 Carbon, sending them into the Losers Bracket earlier than they would have hoped. In case you missed it, here’s a breakdown of how it happened.

The match opened up on The Pit Capture the Flag, where Instinct managed to make the first flag pull on Carbon. After countless tries and multiple close calls, Carbon was eventually able to return the flag. Not long afterwards, Walshy pulled the flag again, and this time brought it all the way home for the match’s very first capture. The match then stayed at a stalemate for well over five full minutes, before Soviet brought in his team’s second flag. Carbon was able to counter, but was unable to tie the game before time ran out giving Instinct the 2-1 win on The Pit.

Game 2 was a fast paced game of Narrows Team Slayer. Instinct started off the game by outscoring Carbon 18-10 in the first few minutes of the game. However, after gaining control of the top middle, Carbon brought the score back to 22-22. The score went back and forth, Instinct were able to re-capture control of the map, and drive the score to a white-knuckle 50-47 finish.

That led us into what would be the third and final map, Guardian Oddball. Instinct made the first touch on the ball, meanwhile racking up a 32-0 lead in the process. Carbon continued to struggle throughout match, maintaining roughly half of Instinct’s dominating score throughout the map’s duration. After a long and demoralizing game for Carbon, Instinct took the map and match by a score of 249-128.

With the win, Instinct has now advanced into Winners Bracket Semi-Finals to wage war with former team-captain, Mackeo and his teammates on Triggers Down. Stay tuned for more action tomorrow, as play resumes at 10:00 a.m. ET in Toronto!