“I’m just better than everyone,” IGS Shockwav3 said through a toothy grin. Having just won the FFA finals here at MLG St. Louis, he’s won the right to be a bit cocky. And while he was clearly joking, there was some truth to it today in the individual rounds of the tournament. In his first appearance in the FFA Final 8, Shockwav3 completed his tear through the bracket, edging out reigning FFA champion Karma (1st place at MLG Orlando) by two kills and earning his team a 2nd place seed going into Pool Play.

Though the FFA finals were filled with top-tier talent, it was really just a two-man show. Shockwav3 and Karma battled neck-and-neck throughout the entire game on Beaver Creek, smiling and calling each other out as they gradually left the competition behind them. Karma’s close-range battling was on fire, and with his nasty double-melees he finished a lot of fights before they even started. Despite Karma’s fierce combat, Shockwav3 managed to always stay two or three kills ahead by putting himself in all the right places at all the right times, slyly stealing kills and catching people off-guard. With the amount of skill among these final eight combatants, there was no room for error when it came to accuracy. Most every battle rifle kill was made with no more than five shots, and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a sniper rifle was quickly neutralized in a hail of gunfire.

While the general tone of the game was intense, there were some lighter moments between the players, such as when Karma shouted out “Ok, everyone throw grenades at Karma-I don’t mind,” after being bombarded with explosives from several players. Karma continued with his sarcasm by calling out the location of the rocket launcher he just lost when he died for everyone to go fight over, making the other players laugh.

While Zyos finished 8th in the final round with a paltry 29 kills, his finals appearance alongside teammate Karma helped guarantee Str8 Rippin the 1st place seed going into pool play, which has them sitting very well at this point.

While Karma and Shockwav3 were racking up kills, 3D Ogre 1 was battling his way from the bottom of the heap to snatch the third place slot from IGS Sergio. Several minutes into the match, when the leaders were pushing over 20 kills each, Ogre 1 was struggling to keep alive with a scant five kills, but he gradually dug himself out of trouble and into the top four, eventually finishing 3rd with 38 kills. Ogre 1 was the sole representative of the dominant Team 3D in the FFA Finals, with Saiyan bowing out in the Top 16, and Walshy and Ogre 2 being eliminated in the round of 32. This somewhat sub-par FFA turnout landed 3D a 3rd place seed going into Pool Play.

IGS Sergio showed his new team that picking him up was a wise move, as he finished 4th overall and destroyed the competition in many of the later rounds. Ironically, Sergio was almost eliminated in the third round, but managed to squeeze into 4th place before Nistic got his final kill to end the match. After that near-elimination, Sergio was looking like a strong favorite to take the overall win as he killed quickly and efficiently in the rounds that followed. Unfortunately for him, he seemed to stall out midway through the finals, failing to finish many of his kills and allowing Ogre 1 to come from behind and overtake his 3rd place position.

While Zyos finished 8th in the final round with a paltry 29 kills, his finals appearance alongside teammate Karma helped guarantee Str8 Rippin the 1st place seed going into pool play, which has them sitting very well at this point. It seems that there is always one player who unexpectedly makes the FFA Finals at each event. MLG St. Louis’ “Wild Card” was Solution 22, who came out of nowhere to take 7th place overall, even edging out Zyos. Solution 22 was strong throughout the brackets, and surely made his team proud as he sat beside many of the world’s best players in the final round.

The FFA Finals Results:

1st – IGS Shockwav3 – 50

2nd – x6 Karma – 48

3rd – 3D Ogre 1 – 38

4th – IGS Sergio – 35

5th – EXI Killer N – 34

6th – Havok – 33

7th – Solution 22 – 31

8th – Zyos – 29

Heading into Pool Play, Str8 Rippin is the top seed, followed by IGameSpot, Team 3D and Exigent, respectively. For those struggling to keep up with all the team swapping and player trading following MLG Orlando, we’ve listed the current lineups of the top four seeded teams below:

Str8 Rippin:

x6 Zyos



AYB Fonzi






Team 3D:

Ogre 1

Ogre 2





Killer N



Be sure to stay tuned to VoD for the latest happenings at MLG St. Louis, and look for further updates here throughout the weekend.