by Hokum

Before I make any predictions, I just want to let everyone know how badly my Meadowlands predictions stunk. But I plan to make these with my purest knowledge of each team and player in mind, instead of who looked best on paper.

Hokum looks into the crystal ball to predict the Top 8 for Halo 2 in Dallas

Final Boss – Everyone already knows how they performed so far this year and I don’t expect them to give up any slack to Carbon come this next event. It seems as though the balloon has popped in terms of how Carbon has kept the pressure on them during the 06′ season and I (so far) have only seen their team deflate despite their tremendous skill. Just playing against this new Final Boss, you feel all holes are constantly being sealed and the fans have so far been contributing to their success. I don’t know what it will take for Carbon to regain their composure but I think everyone else can agree with me that a close championship match up would be a lot more enjoyable to watch than another FB blowout. It’s strange talking about FB and Carbon, though. It’s almost like putting tiny weights on a scale and watching the change. The Boss is back and so far they look pretty comfortable sitting at the top of the ranks.

The Agency – Yeah yeah, I know what you all are thinking, “another 5K member rooting for FB and the Agency to do well,” but I assure you my thoughts are justified. In this recent Final Boss LAN, The Agency won a tremendous 37 games against FB. Yes, you read that correctly, 37. The total amount of games played at the LAN was 77, meaning they were just three to four games away from splitting games with the monstrous team I had mentioned above. Sorry, Carbon, you guys are a great team but at the moment I think The Agency have mounted their high horse and are ready to ride it to a second-place finish. If Charlotte didn’t foreshadow this second-place overthrow then, well, Mackeo doesn’t do funny face expressions.

Carbon – Everyone knows these guys aren’t going to fall out of the Top 3. The all-too-powerful force, however, can be, as Walshy once said, “streaky,” and, as Shockwave himself said, “not Saturday players.” I really think that it’s all up to Shockwave and GH057 to turn it up and max out their full potential like they did last year. Some of plays the team pulled off were uncanny and I’m eager to see how they step up to the plate.

Perfect Storm/5K – The battle of the two emerging amateur teams shall be a good one. Well, I don’t think Naded and Legit should ever be mentioned in the same sentence as the word “amateur” but we all know what I mean. Anyway, this is probably going to be one hell of a match and it really is hard to say who will get fourth or fifth, respectively. I know both our teams have been practicing on Xbox Live and are incredibly prepared for this match, however, I think ,the deciding factor will be in the hands of Legit/Naded or Fear/Roy. When either of these groups of players catches fire, it’s like an oilfield and no one can put them out. I’ve seen plays from these guys that I’ll admit I’ll never do in my entire career (or at least never try to do). I haven’t yet looked at the gametypes, but I know that for either of our teams to claim victory, it is important for us to focus on Slayer and for Perfect Storm to focus on objective gametypes.

Icon – I really see these guys rising again to a sixth-place finish. Butt3rz will undoubtedly be another weapon, much like Slim or Brute, and I can see this team taking over where NLR left off except with a little more UMPH. I’d like to see how they match up against the new NLR because I feel both teams are craving to knock each other out. Butt3rz VS. JRG/Ray and Pyrocy VS. Slim/Pac. FIGHT ON!

NLR – Like Icon, I think these guys are exceptional players, however, I still see tiny gaps in teamwork. Watching some game play, it’s clear that communication is often a problem, but they all naturally fall into setups like most Top 8 teams. I really think Pyrocy has an incredible BR and is a crucial factor to this team. If JRG and Foulacy can provide good shots and can suppress teams, I think Ray and Pyrocy can sweep through and butter the bread. Another thing concerning me for teams such as NLR or Icon is the whole LAN-chemistry aspect to their game. Foulacy and Pyrocy are two of the most outgoing people on the Circuit and I don’t doubt that JRG and Ray will get along with them. However, I still know first-hand that pointing fingers at new teammates can become a natural instinct.

STR8 – Havok and Mimic, stars of MoB Deep 06′ are both great teammates to lay on top of T2′s and Neighbor’s slaying ability. These guys already have a ridiculous team-shot (experienced by scrimmaging them the other night) and each player’s versatility really shines when they play together. STR8 Rippin at the Meadowlands reminded me of a soggy puzzle piece that just wouldn’t fit right into its grooves. However, this lineup is a crispy four-piece puzzle of destruction. Similar to Naded/Legit or Fear/Roy, I think T2/Neighbor are going to be the ones who need to step it up as they reach the later Winners Bracket rounds because I know they are both capable of doing so.

XiT – Everyone can agree that this bunch got slapped in the face by the bracket’s left hand at the Meadowlands. These guys are composed, Top 8 players and will finally climb out of a streak of unlucky match ups in Dallas. Watching these guys on the main stage I was so impressed on how Omega did and how they functioned as a team. Bonfire, like usual, was pulling of insane plays and Luck wasn’t far behind him, as he also stepped up to the plate and delivered. If there is a team who can pull consecutive upsets I think that these guys are the guys to do so. I’m predicting them to only rise in the rankings throughout this season and eventually land in the finals seeded between sixth and eighth. I don’t see Perfect Balance holding their eighth seed anymore due to Beast’s departure and I feel XiT are more than worthy of filling their spot.


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