Real Name: Emanuel Lovejoy
Age: 21
Home State: Georgia
Current Team: (Unnamed)
First Event Attended: Meadowlands 2009
Number of Events Attended: 12
Best Placing (4v4): 32nd
Favorite Game Type: Zealot Slayer
Controller Settings: Default, 4 Sensitivity, No Vibration
Other Favorite Competitive Games: Dead or Alive 4, Soul Calibur IV
Hobbies: Gaming, listening to music, dancing


All Season long, amateur competitors from across the globe have thrown their hats in the ring at the BIC® Flex4® FFA competition at each Pro Circuit Event. So far this Season, five winners have secured all-expenses-paid trips to the National Championship in Providence, RI to compete for a whopping $4,000 grand prize in addition to the status of being the League's most promising up-and-coming player. In Orlando, Hoaxer, brother of Halo: Reach Pro Player Elumnite, walked away as the Season's final Event Winner.

MLG: How did you get your start in competitive Halo? Where did it all begin for you?

Hoaxer: Well, I would have to say it all started at the tail-end of Halo: CE. My brother Elumnite, two friends of mine, and I decided to just enter this Halo tournament that was going on locally. We thought we were pretty sick, but we had actually only played against each other, so we were basically noobs. To make a long story short, we got reality checked by everyone. We got destroyed. After that tournament, my brother and I decided that we wanted to be better than everyone in Halo 2, so that's when we started playing competitively.

MLG: In Orlando, you managed not only to join the ranks of the BIC® Flex4® Elite, but the Elite who won their Event Final by a huge margin. Were you expecting to perform so well going in?

Hoaxer: To be honest, I felt pretty confident about the Finals, but that's how I had felt about the previous three FFA Finals. I kind of just had a modest approach before the Finals because I had come in first in my Semifinals match and I didn't want to gas myself up. I have to say that I didn't expect to have as considerable a win as I did.

MLG: Give us some background on what Events you've attended and how you've performed in 4v4.

Hoaxer: Oh man, well my first two Events were complete fails, but they were learning experiences, no doubt. Dallas 2009 was my first Event where I actually had a practiced team for the most part and we ended up only getting Top 48, but it was a great accomplishment for me at the time. My best placing was at the Nashville Combine, where I teamed with Airtom, E1iminator, and Ninja Knite—we placed 32nd. Ever since then I've come up short with teams as far as placing goes and it's been pretty frustrating, but I feel things happen for a legitimate reason. I haven't put myself in a great position when it comes to getting on a great team.

MLG: So what's your team for Providence? Word on the street is that you're teaming with Raleigh's BIC® Flex4® Winner, Titomatic. What are you hoping to achieve?

Hoaxer: [Laughs] Yeah, the word on the street is correct! I'm teaming with Tito along with Morello and Loc. We actually ran games last night and we were playing extremely fast…which is how I like my teams to play. I have to say that I have some pretty high expectations for us. I won't get into specifics as far as placing, but just know that they are high! Each one of us on this team are legit FFA players, so having a great shot is not even a question. The main thing is us keeping that high intensity play-style that keeps games going our way.

MLG: Do you think your win has raised your profile as a player? Are we any closer to potentially seeing Hoaxer team alongside Elumnite?

Hoaxer: The million dollar question of the century! Well to answer the first question, yes, winning the BIC® Flex4® FFA has definitely raised some eyebrows and turned some heads, but I feel that winning the FFA Championships will turn every head [laughs]. But yeah, [about] the million dollar question, I answer this question the same way to everyone else that asks me and that's that it's up to him [Elumnite]. He knows I have been wanting to team with him since he first went to an MLG event, back in Halo 2 days. No doubt he was proud of me winning the FFA finals, but you know how it is with the whole big brother/little brother competition. I know the potential is there for sure, but I need to catch up to him.

MLG: Where do you see yourself as a player this time next Season?

Hoaxer:  That's a good question. It's hard as it is with college and keeping a job, but I feel like if I make some good moves and choices, then I see myself being right up there with or past my brother this time next Season. There's that brotherly competitiveness thing again.

MLG: Well, we can only hope to see you right up there with your brother next Season. Thanks for answering some of our questions, and good luck in Providence.

Hoaxer: I'd like to say thank you for having me, and also thank you to MLG and BIC® for this opportunity. I want to give the best shout out to my mom, dad, and my brother—I love you guys forever. I also want to give shout outs to Buddy, Bananacognac, God First, all of Guess Who, Biittersweet, Heytred, the National Gaming League, and everyone that has shown real love and support for me. I have to also give one special shout out to the Aguilar family—they know who they are. Shout out to all the troops that fight for us every single second of the day. You can follow me on Twitter at @Hoaxer1!


Be sure to tune into the MLG Pro Circuit National Championships in Providence, RI on November 18-20 to watch Hoaxer take on Str8 Sick, P Tizype, Dream Crusha, Titomatic, and the rest of this Season's BIC® Flex4® Elite, and be sure to check out the BIC Pro Exhibition during Providence, too.