Sorry, folks, been away from the news desk for far too long. Here is a roundup of happenings for the last three days. With CES going on, you would think some pretty good stuff would be happening with Xbox 2 and the US PSP. Sorry, nada. Everyone is on “shush-patrol”. So, here it is:

Head of Xbox, Robbie Bach, has written a State of the Xbox letter summing up why Microsoft kicks ass. No news on Xbox 2.

President of Sony C.E. announced yesterday at the 2005 CES that the PSP handheld will have a March 2005 launch date. However, many were disappointed not to see any software at the show.

Nintendo is pushing their new year line-up and trying to continue the momentum from their strong 2004 kickoff sales both in the US and in Japan. Nintendo is promising almost 250 titles for 2005 for the DS.

Gran Turismo 4 is doing extreamly well in Japan selling 635,000 units in its first week. Nasty. On the other side of the world Need for Speed Underground 2 has held the number 1 spot for six weeks running in the UK.

The next generation in DVD disks has been a hot debate for some time. Sony’s Blu-Ray and Panasonics HD-DVD have been going head to head before they have even hit the shelves searching for folks to back them up when they do launch. Well, now the game industry is getting involved with EA and Vivendi Universal making claims to back up Blu-Ray when they launch. The support seems odd for two heavily driven console publishers that will have to bend to the will of whatever Xbox 2, Playstation 3, and GameCube 2 support. Politics.