Str8 Rippin tore through the online portion of the Pro Circuit heading into the first event of the 2008 Pro Circuit. Tsquared kindly answered a few of our questions about his team and the year in general:

Tsquared is hyped for the 2008 season

MLG: First off, congrats on your success in Pro Circuit Ladder #1! How does it feel to head into Halo 3’s Pro Circuit debut with the top seed?

Tsquared: Thanks. It feels great! Our team put in a lot of work to get there and it feels awesome knowing that we’re going in as the number one team. But our team knows that the seed before the tournament doesn’t matter, it’s the seed after.

MLG: You guys didn’t drop a single match in the Playoff Bracket. What are some of the things you did that led to becoming so dominant, so quickly?

Tsquared: I think that it’s the fact that we all play so well together. If someone is having an off game, someone else is right there to pick him up. There are no superstars. There are no main slayers. Just four guys who know how to play amazing halo together.

MLG: So what’s the scoop on Halo 3′s LAN translation?

Tsquared: I can’t even explain how much different Halo 3 is online compared to LAN. It feels much faster paced and it’s way less random. To be honest, it feels like a different game. If you disliked Halo 3 and haven’t had the chance to LAN yet, I suggest trying it.

MLG: So how did the addition of xXx come about?

Tsquared: I’ve actually known xXx for a while. He’s one of the first people I started playing Halo with roughly six years ago. He’s been wanting to coach our team for a couple of months now, but we weren’t sure how coaching and timing would play into Halo 3. After seeing how dedicated he was to wanting to be our coach and realizing the importance of a fifth man, we decided to pick him up. He’s always been one of the top coaches in the league and we’re so pumped to have him on the team. On a side note, good luck to Lammie this year. He was with us for a long time and I’ve always wanted to see how he would place in the circuit.

MLG: What are some of the biggest assets he brings to the team?

Tsquared: Weapon timing and coaching experience. He’s been known for weapon timing and overall awareness his whole gaming career. Having someone there keeping track of all of the weapons and power-ups is a huge advantage during a close game.

MLG: Let’s talk about the physics of H3 for a moment. Given the new map layouts, how has team shooting evolved?

Tsquared: Team shooting is pretty big in Halo 3, but I think team decisions are more important. You have to move as a team and each player has to be on the same page mentally. Once you get past that, it comes down to individual skill.

MLG: How do you feel about the new BR spread and is it more or less noticeable on LAN?

Tsquared: The battle rifle is a lot more consistent on LAN. I try not to think about how I’m shooting. I just shoot. Regardless, though, the BR spread still seems random at times, so I think there are going to be a lot of “out BRs” this season.

MLG: Melee system – Better or worse since the update?

Tsquared: The melee system is probably better, but I never really thought it was bad in the first place.

MLG: Changing focus toward this weekend, do you foresee any top teams from 07 falling off this year?

Tsquared: I think the teams that did well in Halo 2 will have no problem in Halo 3. Some of the top teams from last season aren’t seeded as highly as a lot of people expected, but by the end of the season I think the pros players will stay near the top. However, if there ever was a time for a team to sneak into one of the top spots, it’s now.

MLG: Are you excited about all of the new activities that will be going on at the venue this year?

Tsquared: All of the sponsors MLG is bringing in are huge for the league and its players. The Dr. Pepper Gaming House sounds sick! I wish I could sign up to win all of the prizes, but oh well. I can’t wait for everyone to see how the venue looks at the Meadowlands. I think it will blow their minds. Be sure to bring your cameras people!

MLG: And finally, a lot of people have high hopes for Str8 this season. How does it feel to enter the season as one of the community’s favorites?

Tsquared: You would think there’s a great deal of pressure being the number one seed, but the pressure feels the same as it ever has. People always expect us to perform well, so it doesn’t get to us really. The main thing is not letting any outside factors affect our game. We just like to think of our seed as a reflection of our hard work.

MLG: That’s a great way to look at it. Once again, congratulations and good luck!