It’s like these two companies are battling each one to see who can announce more stuff about their next gen (or rehashed) hardware. That’s right, you may have seen some news recently about Nintendo and Sony releasing new information concerning the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, and the paper-thin new PS2. (I thought I was the only one who still didn’t own one!)

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Nintendo, owners of the hardest hitting handheld, the Gameboy Advance, have announced that we will see their next generation Gameboy in just 60 days. The Gameboy DS will be released on November 21st at a $149 Pricetag. No word yet as to what will hit the shelves with the DS as far as games and accessories go, but you will be able to play your old Advance games on the system.

For the same pricetag ($149) you can pick up the newly redesigned Playstation 2. November is a very good month indeed when you can play Grand Theft Auto on this much smaller system. Besides trimming 75 percent of the fat, Sony has also included a built in Ethernet Adapter so you can start fragging on SoCom II as soon as you get home.

Finally, Sony has also put out a ton of information concerning it’s own handheld, the PSP. Presumably using it’s same golden licensing agreement as it has with the PS1 and PS2, over 105 games have already signed contracts for development. It was also confirmed that the same GUI interface used in the PSX (only released in Japan) donned “Cross Media Bar” (XMB) will be used on the PSP as well. Also, SCE president Ken Kutaragi has stated that the PSP is done. Hardware is completely finished and they could ship today. The main factor on the release date is development of the games and finalizing movie agreements on the UMD PSP medium.