(1) Str8 Rippin vs. (7) Carbon
Winners Bracket Finals
Match Narr CTF Amp TS Pit KOTH Guar Ball Cons TS FINAL
(1) Str8 Rippin 1 50 213 250 50 3
(7) Carbon 3 47 243 146 37 2

Top-seeded Str8 Rippin met the seventh seed, Carbon, in the Winners Bracket Finals, a match few predicted before the event. Just as surprising as the match-up was how strongly Carbon opened. Game 1′s Capture the Flag Narrows action was tied 1-1 before Carbon blew the game to smithereens after Shockwave made an amazing no-scope flag save. His play prodded Carbon to power to the 3-1 win. Game 2 moved to Amplified for Team Slayer. Carbon held an eight-kill lead for most of the game and looked ready to take a 2-0 series lead behind Ghost’s 17-13. But Snipedown stepped up, nearly nabbing 10 straight kills, and Str8 made the big comeback, winning 50-47.

King of the Hill on The Pit was just as exhilarating, as Str8 made another comeback and looked to have the game locked up during the last hill. But clutch timing and placement from Carbon gave them a key spawn that gave them the ability to flush Str8 from the scoring area. Carbon gobbled up the remaining time and on 243-213. Anarchy had a big game, going 34-26, while Naded added 24 kills to just 19 deaths. Snipedown was quality for Str8, going 27-20, but he logged only six seconds of hill time, which might have cost Str8. Suddenly the seventh seed was one win from the finals. Guardian Oddball awarded Str8 with redemption, despite the opening 40 seconds going to Carbon. Elamite was enormous, going 32-19, while Snipedown went 28-17. Str8 took the win 250-146 and sent the series to a fifth game.

Construct is a map that generally treats Carbon well. Str8, however, had a different idea about how the game would go down. They assumed control from the front and never let Carbon sniff the lead. Tsquared added his best game of the series and possibly the tourney, controlling power weapons and going 15-7. The top seed moved on to the National Championship Finals, while Carbon dropped to the Losers Bracket Finals to face Instinct.