(1) Str8 Rippin vs. (4) Instinct
Winners Bracket Round 2
Match Pit CTF Pit TS Guar Ball Cons KOTH Amp TS FINAL
(1) Str8 Rippin 2 48 240 213 50 3
(4) Instinct 1 50 164 240 42 2

Following opening round sweeps of their respective opponents, Str8 Rippin and Instinct looked to be a match-up of hot teams and massive talent. The games proved to be incredibly close and dramatic, giving the crowd in Las Vegas thrill after thrill. Game 1 could serve as a metaphor for the greater part of the series, as Capture the Flag on The Pit went to overtime tied 1-1, despite Str8 Rippin vastly out-killing Instinct. Instinct more than made up with their dearth of slaying power with incredible team tightness.

Str8 ended up +32 in terms of kills over Instinct, but it was the lower seed who looked the most dangerous in overtime. They nearly captured twice, but the final attempt left them spread too thin and, once Instinct’s move was stifled, Str8 made the counter-capture for the win. Str8 came out strong in Game 2, Team Slayer on The Pit, and led by eight two-thirds through. But then the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appeared in the form of Roy, who unleashed a plague upon Str8 Rippin, nabbing a killing spree. The control his spree enabled allowed Soviet to secure a sniper rifle, with which he made two disgusting shots to bring Instinct within one kill at 48-47. Roy then decided it was time for a triple kill to end the game; then he made it so. He ended the game 21-9 and Instinct won 50-48.

Tied 1-1, Str8 re-established control of the series during Oddball Guardian, easily winning 240-164 on the back of Elamite’s 36-25 effort. All four Str8 members were positive. King of the Hill Construct was back and forth and, despite 38 kills to just 26 deaths for Snipedown, Instinct’s teamwork carried the day. They won 240-213 and sent the game to a decisive Game 5. The series was long and winding, but the finale was anything but. Team Slayer on Amplified saw Str8 jump out to an early 12-kill lead. Roy led a charge back into the game for Instinct, who narrowed the gap to just five kills, but they could not pull even. Legit led the way for Str8, who took the final game 50-42. The 3-2 series win put Str8 Rippin into the Winners Bracket Finals, where they await the winner of Final Boss and Carbon.