(3) Final Boss vs. (7) Carbon
Winners Bracket Round 2
Match Pit CTF Pit TS Guar Ball Cons KOTH Amp TS FINAL
(3) Final Boss 1 40 224 235   1
(7) Carbon 2 50 199 238   3

Some things never change. With the influx of new Halo talent in Major League Gaming, new faces grace the deep rounds of the National Championships, but two things seem to remain constant: Final Boss and Carbon. How many times will we see these teams meet with titles up for grabs? Last year went to Final Boss, as they bested Carbon in the National Championships. Carbon, overlooked by many entering the tournament, knocked off Triggers Down and then looked to take out Final Boss.

The first game, Capture the Flag on The Pit, went to overtime tied at one. Final Boss put pressure on Carbon early in the extra session, but Carbon ultimately came out on top, taking the game 2-1. They seized that momentum and ran, never allowing Final Boss to get into Team Slayer on The Pit. The 50-40 win left Carbon just one win shy of advancing. Through two games, Shockwave was a combined +16. Game 3 was more akin to the first of the series than the second, as the teams traded the leads multiple times.

In the end Final Boss avoided defeat by winning 224-199. Neighbor paced the action, going 28-20 and controlling the sniper tower for large chunks of time. Final Boss needed another win to stay alive and several times during Oddball Construct they seemed poised to leave Carbon behind, despite several sizable leads by the seventh seed. But each time Final Boss took an advantage, they could not extend it to anything meaningful. The game was the closest of the tournament, with Final Boss potentially able to tie the game after they trailed with under 20 seconds to go. Carbon got the one kill they needed and won 238-235. Ghost’s 41-23 game rivals Roy’s 21-9 effort against Str8 Rippin for performance of the tourney to this point. Carbon advanced to the Winners Bracket Finals, where they will face Str8 Rippin.