(4) Instinct vs. (5) Classic
Winners Bracket Round 1
Match Ons CTF Pit TS Pit KOTH     FINAL
(4) Instinct 5 50 250     3
(5) Classic 4 47 133     0

The first match on the main stage during the Halo 3 National Championships featured fourth-seeded Instinct and fifth-seeded Classic. The underdogs began strongly, grabbing multiple leads during Capture the Flag at Onslaught. Instinct rallied each time they fell behind, however, and took a serious momentum shift at the end of the game to steal a 5-4 win. Roy led the way for Instinct, logging 24 kills and 15 assists. Game 2, Team Slayer on The Pit, proved to be just as close. Neither team established a sizable lead, but Instinct again played better down the stretch and ultimately took the game 50-47. Soviet’s 13-10 game was statistically the best, if unspectacular, during the tight game. Seemingly demoralized, Classic never assumed control of Game 3, King of the Hill on The Pit. Instinct cruised to a 250-133 win, thanks in part to Walshy’s 22-16 effort and Roy’s 25-19 game. Much closer than the 3-0 final, Instinct nonetheless moved on with an impressive sweep over Classic.