(3) Final Boss vs. (6) Ambush
Winners Bracket Round 1
Match Ons CTF Pit TS Pit KOTH     FINAL
(3) Final Boss 5 50 250     3
(6) Ambush 4 45 133     0

Ambush entertained grand thoughts going into their round-one match with third-seeded Final Boss and they looked to be on their way toward realizing those aspirations as they grabbed 2-0 and 3-1 leads during the first game of the series, Onslaught Capture the Flag. Final Boss clawed back into the game, however, eventually tying the game 4-4. At that point, Ogre 2 decided it was time and went overkill-extermination to wreck Ambush, allowing Final Boss to win 5-4. Ambush kept it close during The Pit Team Slayer, but Ogre 1′s 15-10 performance helped Final Boss win 50-45. The lower seed seemed a bit demoralized after two close losses and never really put up a fight during Game 3, King of the Hill on The Pit. Neighbor led the way for Final Boss with 19 kills to just 12 deaths and Final Boss won 250-133. The 3-0 series win advanced them to the Winners Bracket Semifinals.