With 272 Halo 3 teams registered, Raleigh will officially be the biggest Live Competition in Major League Gaming history. The huge influx of teams can only mean one thing: more teams fighting their way through the Open Bracket, chasing the dream of pro status.

With the introduction of Halo: Reach to the MLG Pro Circuit in DC, Raleigh will be the last chance for an Open Bracket team to tear through an enormous Halo 3 bracket, shock the MLG community and finish with a strong placing. The MLG Doritos Pro Gaming Combine has showcased some of the best amateur talent Halo 3 has to offer, but the Open Bracket with give amateur teams a chance to make their way into the Championship Bracket and face off against the best Halo 3 teams in the world.

Victorious Secret: After becoming the first team to win back-to-back Doritos Combine 4v4 Events, Victorious Secret is looking to make a strong charge through the Open Bracket. Swift Kill, Adrenaline, Calm, and new addition Watch will be looking to improve on VS’s 22nd Place finish at Columbus and carry the team’s winning tradition into Raleigh.

Will Victorious Secret Live up to Their Name in the Open Bracket?

Livin’ the Dream: Back-to-back Doritos Combine FFA Champion Amish Acorns will be looking to lead Livin’ the Dream through the Open Bracket. Acorns has proven that he has the individual skill to compete at a high level with his dominance in the FFAs, but will Livin’ the Dream have the teamwork needed to compete at a high level in Halo 3 4v4?

A few more teams to watch for:

The Other Guys: Led by departing member of VS and steady Doritos Combine performer Piggy, this team seems ready to make a push through the Open Bracket.

Dirty Ghetto Kids: Featuring former Classic star Ant. They will be looking to feed off his experience and leadership for a strong placing.

The Yellow Dragons: Another team you’ll want to keep an eye on this weekend. They’ll be looking to expand upon their previous Combine success with a Championship Bracket berth in Raleigh.

Be sure to tune into the midday streams and keep up with the Live Blog to get the latest on all the action during this last mega Open Bracket for Halo 3.