(2) Triggers Down vs. (4)
Losers Bracket Round 2
Match Narr CTF Amp TS Cons KOTH Pit CTF Guar TS FINAL
(2) Triggers Down 3 37 165 3 41 2
(4) Instinct 2 50 250 0 50 3

Instinct versus Triggers Down in Losers Bracket Round 2 was a match few foresaw coming into the National Championships. One of the two teams, both rated in the top four, would have to settle for a Top 6 finish. Triggers Down took the first game, Narrows Capture the Flag, 3-2. Instinct evened the series on Amplified Team Slayer, winning 50-37. Instinct then took a 2-1 lead by taking King of the Hill Construct by a decisive 250-165 victory. Triggers Down avoided elimination by taking Capture the Flag The Pit 3-0. Instinct bounced back, however, winning Guardian Team Slayer 50-41. Just like that, the second seed was gone from the 2008 National Championships.