(3) Final Boss vs. (5) Classic
Losers Bracket Round 2
Match Narr CTF Amp TS Cons KOTH Pit CTF Guar TS FINAL
(3) Final Boss 3 50 197 3   3
(5) Classic 0 49 250 1   1

Following a tough, unexpected loss to Carbon in Winners Bracket Round 2, Final Boss found themselves facing Classic to avoid elimination. Classic turned out to be a tougher challenge than Final Boss expected. Game 1, Narrows Capture the Flag, went Final Boss’ way 3-2. Strongside had his strongest game of the tourney, going 30-22. Amplified Team Slayer went to the wire. The Ogres were enormous, with the elder going 16-11 and the younger 17-11. Those efforts were just enough, as Final Boss edged Classic 50-49. Amazingly, 48 of Classic’s 49 were assisted. Final Boss again struggled on King of the Hill Construct, losing 250-197. Ant was huge in the game, logging 35 kills to just 21 deaths. Final Boss made sure to seal the deal in Game 4, however, as they won 3-1 in The Pit Capture the Flag. The 3-1 series win allowed Final Boss to advance to the next round, where they will meet Instinct.