(2) Triggers Down vs. (6) Ambush
Losers Bracket Round 1
Match Pit CTF Pit TS Guar Ball Cons KOTH Amp TS FINAL
(2) Triggers Down 3 50 202     3
(6) Ambush 2 34 81     0

Following a brutal loss in Game 5 to Carbon in Round 1, Triggers Down had to rally to make sure they did not fall to a second upset-minded opponent. In Game 1 against Ambush, however, many signs pointed toward a possible early exit from the second seed. Ambush played well during The Pit Capture the Flag. Deep into the game, the score stood at 2-2, but Triggers Down summoned the power of victory and took the game 3-2. Despite the win, nearly every player in the game was even in terms of kills and deaths; not one player was more than +2 or worse than -2. That feeling of equality was shattered during Game 2. Same map, different game, far different outcome. Triggers Down seized control of the Team Slayer affair and never let Ambush even think about comeback. Every player on Triggers Down was +3 or better in terms of kill-to-death spread, which led to a 50-34 win. The solid team play gave them a 2-0 lead, but one man decided to drive the action in Game 3. That man is named Karma. He went 40-24 during Guardian Oddball to help Triggers Down secure the 202-81 win. The 3-0 series sweep allowed Triggers Down to remain in the title conversation.