For the second time in the 2008 season, Str8 Rippin are our undisputed champions! After losing a long time member, picking up a breakout player to replace him, and then dodging a bullet in the early parts of the tournament, Str8 Rippin showed the perseverance, skill, and determination needed to find Pro Circuit success in Halo 3. Because Str8 Rippin and Instinct had already exchanged blows in the Winners Bracket Finals, the match served as a best-of-eleven continuation. This meant Str8 Rippin would start off the match with a 3-1 lead, where the first team to 6 would take home the crown.

The series resumed on Guardian Team Slayer, a gametype in which Str8 has dominated all throughout the weekend. Tsquared set the tone of the entire match, as he pulled off a triple kill within the first minute of the game. Halfway through the game, Snipedown had accumulated 10 of Str8’’s 25 kills, meanwhile Roy and the rest of Instinct were doing everything in their power to stop him by keeping constant possession of the sniper rifle. In the end, Str8 Rippin pulled ahead to take the map 50-47.

Str8 Rippin is the first team to win two Halo 3 events.

Game 6 was set on Narrows Capture the Flag. Elamite quickly captured Str8 Rippin’’s first flag, followed by another immediately afterward by Snipedown. This gave Str8 a 2-0 advantage in just over 2:00 minutes of play. Unfortunately for Str8, this would be their final capture of the map. One after the other, Instinct captured flag after flag until they had won the map by a final score of 3-2.

The next game, Amplified Team Slayer, started off heavily in Instinct’s favor as they racked up a 10-4 ratio over Str8. Shortly afterward, Tsquared kicked into action, narrowing the gap between the two teams by a significant margin. The score was then held within a few kills throughout the duration of the match, until Str8 was eventually able to clutch the final few kills and win Amplified TS 50-46.

This brought us into what would be the final map of the match, Construct King of the Hill. With a 5-2 cumulative lead over Instinct, and only one more map needed to win the tournament, Str8 Rippin sprung into action, accumulating a near 70 point lead. However the point spread was short lived, as Instinct brought the score to a tie at 128 seconds each. The ties continued throughout the entire match, as Str8 and Instinct battled back and forth, exchanging the lead up until 205 points apiece. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Str8 vowed to not let their opponents score another point, and did just that as they walked away with a 250-205 win on Construct King of the Hill.

This match marked the third Finals Str8 Rippin has appeared in since the debut of Halo 3 on the Pro Circuit, as well as the second total victory they’’ve obtained. The loss of Neighbor proved to be a blessing in disguise for Tsquared, Legit, and Elamite, and it’’s safe to say that they’’re happy with the results. Congratulations to Str8 Rippin on their overwhelming success, and be on the lookout for more post-event coverage right here on!