The Halo 3 Championship Bracket Has begun! The 250 Halo 3 teams that walked in the door at MLG Meadowlands have been whittled down to a mere 32—representing the finest talent in the Halo world. Over the course of this evening and tomorrow, we will bestow pro status upon the finishers in the top 16 positions and give out well over $50,000 in cash prizes to the eight best squads. The Open Bracket proved to be tumultuous, considering that nobody got an automatic pass in to the Championship Bracket, and the teams that remain have already proven their mettle.

Below are the seeds and rosters of the top 32 ranking Halo 3 teams:

Seed Team Name Coach Captain Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
1 Str8 Rippin xXx Tsquared Legit elamitewarrior Neighbor
2 Instinct Moocow Victory X Lunchbox Roy Mackeo
3 Triggers Down SK Lowkin FearItSelf Hysteria
4 Classic [AsK]LeGeNdPimPs FeaR is SicK AbR AnT I-Soldi3r187-I
5 The Influence nbk 12gagekilr7 Foulacy demon-dany-z TwYLighT TalenT
6 Final Boss Walshy StrongSide OGRE2 OGRE1
7 Fatal Images Gangsta_WrecKs TiZoXiC SeVeRiNcE WooooLy Naded
8 3rd Degree Chris-R3aPeR lK4l Massacre Chig (Its DizZy) Be LiKe MyTh
9 Carbon Gandhi’s Brother ShocKWav3 GH057ayame Karma Gandhi
10 InfernO TimeliestBrute SwisHaa TDPyrocy Slim
11 Are You Ready TeR_Apoc DrumMeR iGotUrPisto1a BLUEFIR3 MioFF
12 XiT Woundz The Opoponax Bonfire OmegA PoWeeZy Itwasluck
13 Ambush Sylas___mlg_ Eli Snipedown GuN_ShoT SsSilent
14 Ununtrium Coach-Ununtrium IamTheArkanum _SpeeD Elumnite DeViOuZ
15 The DyNaSty UgZ ThuggishKlLLA -Milk- RVG XiphoZ Tricksdasamurie
16 Point of Vanity Coachoz Chrozzz vEnoMmmm LuckSide xHaggie
17 LeGendZ Thor_ BesT MaN Defy I FrOsty I Stunner
18 Phobia Ass4ult Asssault AnThraaX Snuff Said Squirrel
19 Type Z xxThInG1xx Str8pimp Warkid X WoNkA Lilseb
20 Believe The Hype Mazsik. -Cloud- Heinz Almighty NtG NeXuS MudVayne
21 Coconut Rebels iSeven OVERSHIELD lx Ace xl ray ebz HeLLuVa
22 MoB Deep Fever Intheclutch HoMiCiDe1 hslightking FE Thebox
23 The Lifted JTBravo HokuM KGB Soviet Cpt Anarchy bradfox2
24 Rainbow Riders Perplexity TheAr7oFWaR I CallMeGod I l BaTMaYnE l
25 FBI Jackalopes FJ-Mando Eleven_11 Tupac Killer N
26 Mind Over Matter!!! iRU5H Fugo TrojaNSD -MoNsTeR- ~Aries~
27 Zone 6 RephoriK Gr4y_FoX BuLLeTz .KillZoNe.
28 Calm Mentality CDW_Shanks MeRkAg3 xThRuSt NizziN Snake Bite
29 Virtuosity Zipperstar iPainless Kreww _GaTeD_ sep 7
30 Status Quo Whos_Got_Next lProlific s1y FlamesworD25 BRaaaaaaaaKe
31 The Abusement Park Unct0m PisToL fiorgasm Joe Mack
32 Fear The Four bU22 NocturnalKernal ltrexl sLiiNk Trick.