Here are the results of Losers Round 8 (the final round) of the 2007 Boost Mobile MLG Pro Circuit Regular Season Event #4: Chicago Halo 2 Open FFA. The top four players highlighted in bold have advanced to the Championship FFA on Saturday, finishing 9th-16th in the Open FFA. The players who did not manage to finish in the top four in their game have finished 17th-24th in the Open FFA.

All cases in which players had tied scores were broken by Kills, Deaths, and Assists (in that order). Congratulations to our competitors!

Player Name Score
elamitewarrior 59
TiZoXiC 58
LiL TalenT 55
a Pure Gangster 50
TimeliestBrute 46
StRyKeR 45
(Its DizZy) 45
Roy 44
WoNkA 60
Lunchbox 58
Halogod 57
BesT MaN 57
GuN_ShoT 50
xSn4kE 48
LiL-Poison 38
BoO 38