And so it begins! The Championship Bracket here in Toronto has begun, and the teams are moments away from starting their first round of matches. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting weeks for, and it’s finally here. As the competition gets underway, be sure to keep your browser locked to mlgpro as we keep you up to date with round by round coverage, as well as comprehensive breakdowns of key matchups throughout the remainder of the weekend!

Below you will find the seed and roster of every team in the Championship Bracket. Teams seeded from 17-24 advanced from the Open Bracket in the Winners Bracket, while teams ranked 25-32 advanced from the Losers Bracket.

Seed Team Name Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
1 Str8 Rippin Tsquared Legit elamitewarrior Snipedown
2 Triggers Down SK FearItSelf Hysteria Mackeo
3 Instinct Lunchbox Roy Walshy KGB Soviet
4 Final Boss OGRE1 StrongSide OGRE2 Neighbor
5 Classic LeGeNdPimPs AnT Soldi3r187 Victory X
6 Carbon ShocKWav3 GH057ayame Karma Cpt Anarchy
7 Ambush NtG NeXuS iGotUrPisto1a Heinz Almighty -Cloud-
8 Legendz Gandhi Defy BesT MaN Naded
9 Chilled Reality Perplexity I CallMeGod I I FrOsty I SsSilent
10 Antigravity TiZoXiC SeVeRiNcE Eli GuN_ShoT
11 Breaking Point lx Ace xl Chig MudVayne Lowkin
12 Under The Influence TalenT Lilseb TwYLighT ThuggishKlLLA
13 Time 2 Prove l BaTMaYnE l bradfox2 Intheclutch TimeliestBrute
14 Renegade Asssault WooooLy big8hurt PiLEZ.
15 Status Quo FlamesworD25 s1y Elumnite babytots
16 Last Effect xThRuSt Ghost_Attack demon-dany-z MaNiiaC
17 FYC MeRkAg3 MeGaH. InSaiyan SilverSon
18 Active Rush IceVayne Obii SwisHaa j0rdizzle
19 XiT WoundZ Itwasluck Samurai_650 PoWeeZy Bonfire
20 The Business LegendJRG HeLLuVa Scrub Mimic
21 Driven by Adrenaline SpeeD .IMicro IamTheArkanum Hynes X
22 PainX Pain x Envy PainxWarkid -DeRsKy- lAdr3naLin3l
23 End Result Madmax_eh Gilkey Moniz DARKscorpion
24 Second Nature ZyklonN BaSheR_eH KiLLKuS N_o_X
25 Zone 6 Fat-Bubb madsquirrelll knightv7 Intangibles
26 Sick By Definition Joe Fries KillerDrewDS SeaNWayNe TheAr7oFWaR
27 Finesse -PrawN- -DeclineR- -Heirarch- pandafiness
28 EoG so WRoNG! Ms Baretta Godly_ L4z ChoI iX
29 Sixth Gear GetClutched FreeeeL KiLLReLeVanT ShotmakerZ
30 That’s Rough yungcityyy -True- Argyle KriZeN
31 Vicious Cycle KEEP6 lYlassacre Arblter samba11
32 Violent By Design ovaporeyzeo KillerB13 xMoNZeY xconn02