After being sent to the Losers Bracket by Final Boss, Triggers Down accomplished something few teams have ever succeeded in doing. By fighting their way through a treacherous Losers Bracket, they eventually found themselves in the Finals against the reigning champs, Str8 Rippin. Triggers Down then pulled off the unthinkable, coming back to win two consecutive best of 5 series to bring home their second championship of the 2008 Pro Circuit. In light of their success, we asked TD to sit down and reflect upon their momentous accomplishment.

MLG: Congratulations in Dallas guys! Let’s kick this off by telling everyone what this win meant for Triggers Down as a team.

Karma: Everything!

FearItSelf: As a team this meant that we finally found Triggers Down!

SK: It meant everything to put this much effort into something and to succeed. It feels amazing.

MLG: How was this win different than your first in Orlando?

FearItSelf: We won without our supposed “golden-ticket” Snipedown.

SK: We put ourselves in a hole at the tournament, and at one point even got down on ourselves a bit – But we came together as a team to pull ourselves out. It was a great learning experience.

MLG: So Fear and SK, tell us what does Karma brings to the team.

FearItSelf: Karma brings a completely new drive to win to the team. It’s like a new fresh feeling.

SK: Karma brings positive energy to the team. He is always positive! That really helps in tough situations. He also brings a lot of skill. I would say he is the most underrated player in the league.

FearItSelf: He is always positive, isn’t he? (laughs)

MLG: What are some key differences between Karma and Mackeo.

FearItSelf: His play style is completely different. He is a much more selfless player that does everything for the team. He is one of the best teammates I have ever had.

MLG: Alright, moving on. Tell us about how the pre-event LAN with Str8 went.

FearItSelf: It went really well. We learned how to play as a team and got all of our strats down pat. It was much easier going into the finals because we were somewhat familiar with their play style. The LAN score was 41-36 Str8.

SK: it started off pretty slow. Everyone was still adapting and trying to figure out a solid pace, but it definitely picked up after that. We started to split games and it definitely boosted our confidence.

MLG: After a tough loss to Final Boss, what did you do differently in the second series to rebound?

Karma: Well, during the first match, I did try and kill them too much. Call it a year not playing against StrongSide let out all in one shot.

FearItSelf: I think our intensity was completely different the second time around. Main Stage tends to bring out the best in teams, and make them play closer to their full potential.

SK: We had just won 3 straight against Ambush, so we had caught fire at that point. The first three we lost to FB though were arguably our worst gametypes, and we had some good gametypes the 2nd time we played them.

MLG: It’s extremely rare for a team to come through the Losers Bracket to win two series in a row. What did you tell yourselves going into the Finals to stay confident?

SK: Well after the LAN with them we knew we were capable of beating them if we just played tD style halo.

Karma: SK started getting some overkills and some triples, so I hopped on the momentum wagon and kept on ridin’.

FearItSelf: We knew we were on their level so we just took it one game at a time.

MLG: You mean… one Team Slayer at a time?

Karma: Did we really win all the Team Slayers?

FearItSelf: When you have hysteria on your team you tend to have a much better chance winning a team slayer than losing one.

MLG: Were you as dominant in TS against Str8 at the LAN as you were in Dallas?

FearItSelf: The Pit 7-0 – TD. Amp 7-0 – Str8. Narrows was Split, and we won Guardian overall.

MLG: Run us through what was going through your head in the final moments of Game 10.

FearItSelf: I got this one! Many people don’t know what I did – Let alone that I got the last kill instead of Karma.

MLG: So here’s your chance to set the record straight.

FearItSelf: I was our needler. It was 46-46. Then, all of a sudden, we got two of them down and went up 48-46. Right when that happened, I was like ‘this is it’ and charged through to their base. I’m in the needler pit and see three of them right in front of me on their plat. I kind of freak out and instead of being sneaky I just picked one and started shooting (T2). I just made a beeline right through Elamite and Snipedown on their plat to chase T2 down into their flag for the last kill. Apparently they were so focused on not letting Legit die in the pit that they let me run literally right threw them and kill T2 for the last kill.

MLG: It was SK who was rushing Legit, I believe.


MLG: Well it was nothing short of spectacular. Thanks for breaking it down Fear. Now what gametype would you say you’re the strongest at individually?

FearItSelf: Narrows TS.

Karma: I honestly can’t think of one, I just like to play all of the maps with these guys.

SK: I feel like I contribute a lot whenever we play Construct hill. I try to position myself to get plenty of hill time, while team shooting.

MLG: How are you going to make use of the fairly large period of time before Vegas?

Karma: I’m gamin’ for days!

FearItSelf: Practice..practice..practice..LAN..practice……Win Vegas.

SK: We’ll definitely be practicing a lot harder. Now that we found our groove we can just focus on improving.

MLG: Let’s go ahead and call an end to it here. We appreciate your time guys, and best of luck at the National Championships!