We're into the home stretch here, with the final players remaining in the EU, NA and KR brackets, and the Finals will be played over the next few days. There will be no Global Invitational matches tonight, but State of the Game will be live at 11:30pm ET, with hosts JP McDaniel and Artosis, and several special guests- including Destiny.

Here's how things stand in the Global Invitational:

  • North American bracket: we've got Major and LiquidSheth battling it out in the Losers Finals for the chance to take on Idra in the Championship Finals. 
  • European bracket: DignitasNaniwa and LiquidRet will be going head-to-head in Losers Round 3 to see who gets into the Losers Finals against QIMSaSe. The winner of the Losers Finals will face White-Ra in the Finals.
  • Korean bracket: STBomber and IMMVP will be duking it out in the Losers Finals. Awaiting the winner in the Championship Finals is none other than SlayersMMA. 

So much drama awaits us here. Will we see a European PvP Finals? Is either Major or Sheth capable of taking down Idra, given how he's been playing lately? And perhaps most excitingly, will we get to see an MVP/MMA rematch, so soon after their tumultuous meeting in the GSL Code S October Finals? 

However things pan out, this is going to be three incredible days of StarCraft 2. Chisel this schedule into your calendars, because you won't want to miss a single match.

  • Thursday, Oct 27 at 7pm ET: NA – Losers Finals / Finals 
  • Friday, Oct 28 at 7pm ET: KR – Losers Finals / Finals
  • Tuesday, Nov 1 at 7pm ET: EU – Losers Round 3 / Loser Finals /  Finals

The winner of each bracket will receive $2,000 in cash and will compete in the Grand Finals, which will take place live in Providence on Friday, immediately before the start of the National Championship. (The Global Invitational Grand Finals are completely separate from the Pro Circuit StarCraft 2 National Championship.) The three bracket winners will compete alongside the winner of the Battle.net Invitational, who is none other than MVP. These four players will compete in the best-of-three, single-elimination Grand Finals for the Global Invitational Championship. The winner will receive an additional $3,000. 

You may have noticed that MVP, the Bnet Invitational Champion, is also in the running to win the Global Invitational KR bracket. If that happens, the fourth spot in the GI Grand Finals will be offered to the player who took 2nd Place at the Bnet Invitationals: IMNestea. 

Idra, Ret, Naniwa, Sheth, Major, White-Ra, Bomber, MVP, MMA, and possibly Nestea. Any combination of these players is guaranteed to bring us a jaw-dropping Finals to kick things off before the 2011 National Championships begin. Get yourself a spectator pass for Providence and watch it all happen live, right in front of you.