Gilbert Arenas is one of the NBA’s top stars. He has become a perennial all-star and during the 2006-2007 season he averaged over 28 points per game for the Washington Wizards, tops in the Eastern Conference. Arenas knows talent and success when he sees it, which is why he jumped into the competitive gaming ring to sponsor Final Boss. An avid gamer, Arenas tremendously enjoys the skill of the top-ranked Halo 2 squad in the world. For the second stop of the 2007 Boost Mobile MLG Pro Circuit, Arenas trekked to the Meadowlands to watch and support his team. Join us on a photo journey of the weekend:

Gilbert hit the Meadowlands in 2007 for all the action on Saturday and Sunday. This photo details him at the beginning of Saturday just hanging (on) with Final Boss, the team he sponsors.

Known to be quite competitive, Gilbert gets some of his own action on Saturday. His astonishment at Final Boss’ level of skill after playing them in Halo remains one of the reasons he sponsors them. In his blog, he often talks about how amazed he is with his team’s ability.

Used to being in the spotlight, Gilbert seems to enjoy letting Walshy nab the attention in this photo. Surprisingly, Gilbert and the hordes he drew never seemed to distract Final Boss.

After a good win in the Pro Bracket, Gilbert gives Strongside some support. He was often inside the ropes watching his team during the event.

After another series, Gilbert kindly gives Walshy a massage. Hey, it can be a long weekend and even our top pros need a little TLC.

Not sure what was going on here, but it looks like Gilbert was giving some props to the camera. He mingled around the Pro Players lounge quite a bit, having a good time.

Even though he wasn’t on the court, Arenas made sure to hydrate all weekend.

Arenas gives Walshy props. The team seemed energized and happy to have their sponsor around all weekend. Knowing that a professional basketball player believes in your ability would definitely be motivation to stay at the top.

During the Finals against Carbon, Gilbert takes the unaccustomed role of the thoughtful observer in the stands. His team was all business, though, and pulled out the championship in nine games.

Gilbert watches Walshy sign off after an awesome tournament. He’s clearly proud to sponsor the top Halo 2 team in the world and equally excited about being a part of the growth of the world’s fastest growing video game league.

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