MLG fans got a big surprise today during the Open FFA when a relatively unknown player smoked the rest of the competition, winning the final spot in tomorrow morning’s Level 1 Playoff FFA. GI Factor, also known as SkilledEnvy on Xbox Live, won round after round on his way to the top. Stacking surprise on top of surprise, GI Factor is only 14 years old and is playing in only his second MLG event ever.

Over the course of the tournament, GI Factor got the chance to play against well-known pros such as Mack, Samurai, Itwasluck, Legendpimps, Scrubtwista, Triple007, Frosty, SKillx2 and more–and defeated every single one of them. In the final match, facing talent from Top 8 caliber teams such as XiT Woundz and Legendz, GI Factor stunned the crowd by finishing the game a full 11 kills ahead of the second place finisher. If any were suspicious that he was carried to the top by lucky spawns or other ridiculous excuses, he certainly shot all of it down with that outstanding finish to the tournament.

“I was winning most of my matches during the event, so I really expected to win in the Finals,” he told MLG in a post-game interview. Up until just a few days before the event, he was without a team for the 4v4, so he told MLG that he trained almost exclusively for the FFA leading into this event. While that certainly paid off for him, GI Factor will now have to face off against Ogre 1 first thing tomorrow morning in the Level 1 Bracket. When asked about his pending match against the legendary pro, GI Factor had only this to share, “I don’t necessarily expect to win, but I definitely think I can give him a challenge. I don’t play a lot of 1v1s, but I’ll stay confident and see what I can do.”

Congratulations to GI Factor on his Open FFA victory and good luck to him during the Level 1 Playoff Bracket tomorrow morning. If you’re interested in following his team’s progress during the 4v4 Open Bracket, look for the team, Pain X, who entered the bracket with the 3rd seed overall.

GI Factor won the Open FFA and will be moving on to play in the Level 1 Playoff Bracket.