by Ghostayame

I have no previous knowledge of brackets. Therefore, these are the teams that I believe can be ranked top eight in skill/teamwork.

1. Final Boss – As of now, they are the number one team. They showed everyone at the Meadowlands that they were above the rest of the teams. It seems as though the teams have gone back to the beginning of the 2006 season; I mean that FB is above everyone else while the rest of the teams are battling it out. While there are teams that can surpass them, it’s going to take a substantial amount of practice, hard work, and determination in order to beat this top team.

Ghostayame predicts Dallas’ Top 8 Halo 2 teams

2. Carbon – While I do not like to rank my team, I am supposed to include my team. With LAN practice against RoC and LeGendZ, I believe that we will be on top of our game when we get to Dallas. Even though Perfect Storm gave us a run for our money at the Meadowlands, I feel that we will still pull out to be the victor amongst the lower-seeded teams.

3/4. Perfect Storm/FBI The Agency – I believe both of the teams have the capability of placing Top 3. I watched the majority of the series between these two closely-matched teams in Meadowlands. While PS prevailed, they definitely had their fair share of lucky spawns on Midship CTF. On the other hand, they are both exceptional teams and I would never try to take anything away from either team. With these four teams out of the way, I believe the majority of the Top 8 is a toss-up.

5. 5k – 5k are an amazing team. After checking out a website that recorded stats, I realized how they managed to place Top 4 in Charlotte with a huge differential in kill/death stats between themselves and other Top 4 teams. Thus, they have an enormous amount of teamwork and objective skill. Once they hone their individual skill, I see them placing consistently in the Top 4.

6/7/8. FBI Icon/Str8 Rippin’/LeGendZ – All of these teams have the potential to break into the Top 6. However, I believe that FBI Icon has a lot of undiscovered talent. I think that with time and practice, they can easily be established as a Top 6 team. Nevertheless, Neighbor and MimiC both haven’t shown their full potential. Thus, either team can really place Top 6 and it’ll just come down to whoever is playing better. On top of all of this, LeGendZ will be practicing against our team and RoC for a week and I believe they are lanning with Perfect Storm afterwards. With two weeks of LAN practice, they should finally have sealed their teamwork. If they place out of the Top 8, it’s not because of individual skill, but because of lack of teamwork. Hopefully these clowns can finally get the placing they deserve.

Sleeper – RoC – With LAN practice against our team and LeGendZ, I cannot see this young team placing out of the Top 8. When D Fury and Dysphoria are on fire, they are relentless. Even though they only placed Top 12 at the Meadowlands, they can only get better, especially when Dysphoria’s first event placing was fourth. On top of that, he’s changed from 2 sensitivity to 4 sensitivity. In my eyes, they can easily establish themselves in the money with hard work and dedication.


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