Well, this could seriously change the way Halo is played. I would say that the impact of it would be up there with the “timer” attached to the face of your controller. Speaking of controller, you may want to think about retiring your “duke” that you have been holding onto for the past three years and pick up one of these.

SmartJoy is releasing a peripheral for the xbox that will allow you to connect any standard keyboard and mouse to your xbox. What does this mean if it works as it is advertised. Well, for one, it means that sensitivity can go waaaay up without accuracy being an issue. So, you can turn quickly and maintain accuracy very well as you know if you have played PC FPS’s. Second, this is a possible additive to the already complex world of questions and complaints like, “What is your sensitivity Darkman?”. Or, “I hear that Strangepurple guy uses the Duke”. Or, “Sundance baths every morning in milk and his own Urine making a kind of special ‘Halo-Super-Juice’”. Well, now this will be another questionable item on the chopping block of questions which is “Do peripherals really matter?”

SmartJoy is releasing this at $30 US and will be out at the end of October. Order now so you can have it day 1 for Halo 2. :) Thanks to HBO for the news.