Gandhi and his squad, Carbon, are riding high after a stunning victory over Final Boss in Orlando to take home first prize and send the champions reeling. With that win, Carbon has clinched the second seed for the Playoffs and are preparing to prove that they can repeat as champions next weekend when the best of the Halo 2 world meet up in New York. MLG grabbed Gandhi recently and asked him to give us his thoughts on the upcoming event and make some predictions as part of our running series headed into the Playoffs.

Gandhi’s Playoff Picks

1. Carbon – In our first tournament with Gh057ayame we got first place. We can only get better from there, since we’ll know each other much better now and we’ll continue to discover how to mesh better with one another’s play styles.

2. Final Boss – Every tournament is a guaranteed Top 2 finish for them. They are still the team to beat. The series versus Carbon will be close, but these two teams stand above everyone else in the race for first.

3. Str8 Rippin – Far ahead of all other teams besides Carbon and FB, Str8 is still the third place team. They have the potential to break into the Top 2, but haven’t found that same spark since early in the season.

4. XiT Woundz – These guys have been the fourth place team consistently. They haven’t figured out their problems against the higher ranked teams just yet, so they are not able to break into the Top 3.

5. Vanity Gaming – This team performed amazingly without practice at Orlando. Without practice they got fifth place, but got by with a lot of 5-game series. With practice, they can easily cut the series down to 3-1; maybe even 3-0. Once they get used to each other a little more, I can see them breaking into the Top 4.

6. Storm Ventures – This team’s individual skill is huge! Only reason they are going to be the sixth place team is because their team chemistry isn’t the best….

7. Legendz – This team’s amazing on paper. You have four great BRs on one team, but they don’t get enough practice. One player on the team is really busy with college, so that has been a serious obstacle for them to continue developing their teamwork.

8. ShooK On3 Gaming – This team has the potential to get fourth, as we’ve already seen, but there are troubles within their team, which cause them to get angry as they are playing and keeps them from playing their best.